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Trucking apps could be worth $35 Billion by 2025

The trucking industry has long had a reputation for lagging behind the technological times. But the last five years has seen tech companies from Silicon Valley and beyond push the pedal to the metal, and suddenly the trucking industry is the darling of the tech world. Considering trucking is a nearly $800 billion industry, it’s […]

LaneAxis Responds to Critics of its Carrier Outsourcing Report

  LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management recently published a report stating that the country’s largest Carriers outsource 42% of their contracted freight to smaller Carriers. This figure was based on a detailed study of 2015 financial reports from the country’s 13 largest publicly traded Carriers. LaneAxis focused on the percentage of total revenue spent on “Purchased […]

Investment and Finance Expert Paul Ebeling of “Live Trading News” Weighs In On LaneAxis

In a piece published Monday on “Live Trading News,” respected financial analyst Paul Ebeling delivered his opinion on the LaneAxis platform: “This Virtual Freight Management network matters, because it allows the Shipper and Carrier to interact directly, without a middleman, allowing both the Shipper and the Carrier to ultimately eliminate a significant cost component in […]

PRESS RELEASE: LaneAxis Research Shows Top Carriers Outsource Nearly Half of Freight Shipments

SAN DIEGO, CA – Technology has finally caught up with trucking – with potential far-reaching benefits for the industry, economy, and environment. LaneAxis (http://www.LaneAxis.com), a San Diego-based company, has launched deployment of a virtual freight management system that gives shippers unprecedented end-to-end visibility and control over their freight.

The Evolution of Modern Trucking

Since the early 20th century, trucking has emerged as the lifeblood of the American economy. The creation of interstate highways in the 1950s cemented Trucking’s elite status as the main mover of goods across the country. The road hasn’t always been smooth. From the beginning, government regulations have been a source of constant controversy and […]