The Internet of Things is Driving Transportation in 2017

Outlook for Freight Brokers, 3PLs Strong Amid Change

The trucking and transportation industries are experiencing drastic makeovers – slightly behind schedule.

Even in today’s inter-connected age, the $700 billion trucking industry relies largely on old school paper and phoning processes to complete transactions. The Internet of Things is changing that.

IoT is a big Thing

2017 may prove to be the year trucking fully embraces the Internet of Things (IoT). An estimated 7 billion devices are currently connected to the internet worldwide, with that number expected to reach 20 billion by 2020.

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Virtual Freight Management: A Healthy New Logistics Option for Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, and the Cold-Chain

Moving high-dollar, time-sensitive, fragile freight is a critically important task for many businesses. Some sectors, particularly in the life sciences, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries, require particularly tight oversight and control over their shipments – especially those traveling along the cold chain. Today, that oversight and control is often limited, costly, and disparate.

Virtual Freight Management (VFM) offers a complete and extremely cost-effective solution to most, if not all of these challenges.

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What is Virtual Freight Management? (VFM)

Virtual Freight Management (VFM), being a relatively new term, is still open to varying definitions.

Generally speaking, VFM refers to completely cloud-based programs that, at minimum, allow oversight and some level of control over freight movement along the supply-delivery chain.

As pioneers of this concept, LaneAxis™ takes Virtual Freight Management to the ultimate level – delivering not just some cloud-based control and oversight over freight – but total and direct control. This virtual solution gives real power to Shippers, Carriers and Drivers to plot their own logistics strategies and form profitable alliances directly with each other.

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