The LaneAxis Global Transportation Hub
is at the Core of our System

End-to-End Visibility

End-to-End Visibility

All parties get complete visibility of the request and make informed end-to-end decisions

Built on Blockchain

Built on Blockchain

Our Blockchain technology and the smart contracts that drive the requests ensure that transparency and security are top priorities

Available across Devices

Available across Devices

Our platform is accessible across all devices, from desktop to mobile to tablets.

Accessing the
LaneAxis Network Data Hub

Shipper Creates a Request

The Shipper/Manufacturer creates a request by entering all details about a specific shipment including the date and variable data such as equipment details and quantities. This request is sent out within our network to connect with relevant drivers.

Views Eligible Drivers

Based on the specifications of the query and capabilities of the driver, our Network shows you a list of Drivers that are eligible to make the delivery. LaneAxis’ Driver Score then gives you enough information to make a decision regarding which Driver to connect with.

Driver Reviews & Accepts

The Driver who is eligible for the specific query then reviews the shipment details, ensuring he or she is capable and available for the delivery. Once accepted, the LaneAxis smart contract enacts the rules and specifics of the order, essentially automating the entire process.

A True All-in-One Logistics Platform

A Patented Shipper-to-Carrier Direct System

LaneAxis “owns the process” of a Shipper-to-Carrier Direct Optimization Platform – US Patent 9,928,475 was approved in March, 2018 – a process that cuts out expensive intermediaries such as freight brokers and third party logistics companies (3PLs)

Real-Time Secure Access

Keep a track of the progress of your shipment right from when it steps out your door and track it across all touchpoints

No Middlemen - No Barriers

The biggest benefit of the platform is the direct access we create between shipper and carrier – removing the need for unnecessary middlemen who do little more than get in the way

The Commercial Driver Score

The Commercial Driver Score is a great tool for drivers to track professional efficiency and growth – and most importantly – to connect directly with Shippers for available loads

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