The Freight Industry’s First Commercial Driver Score & Rewards Network

Building a FICO-style risk-assessment and transparency tool for shippers – and a wealth of new revenue opportunities for drivers.

A New Approach to Freight Logistics

FICO-Style Scoring that Benefits Drivers and the Supply Chain

The LaneAxis Commercial Driver Score (CDS)  allows supply chain parties to quickly tap into a data-backed network of Professional Drivers – each ranked on their performance and risk-assessment. LaneAxis will capture this data through a variety of sources including in-cab ELDs connected to the LaneAxis app via Bluetooth, as well as other groundbreaking technology. Scores will be re-calculated every week based on the Hours of Service (HOS) reset. High performing drivers have the potential to benefit via direct access to available freight.

This first-of-its-kind Commercial Driver Scoring system will increase trust between shippers and independent drivers, carving out inefficiencies in the industry and leading to greater revenue opportunities for drivers.

“Fill Up” – On Fuel Savings

The LaneAxis “Smart” Fuel Rewards Network gives drivers – especially long haul OTR drivers – the chance to save hundreds, and perhaps thousands of dollars per year on fuel costs. We are partnering with fuel discount providers to give drivers the highest possible discounts out there. Simply enter your pickup and dropoff locations, and our “Smart” algorithms will let you know which in-network fuel stops along your route will offer you the best prices and highest rebates – virtually guaranteed to save you money over any other discount program available. And your discount “card” is available right on your LaneAxis mobile app. We’ll be unveiling more details about this exciting program in the near future.

Earn Cash-Back Rewards and Other Revenue Opportunities – Just for Driving

The data being collected to comprise the Commercial Driver Score and other important delivery metrics is based on driver data. By opting-in to the system and connecting the LaneAxis app to the in-cab ELD via Bluetooth, drivers automatically qualify for cash-back rewards. LaneAxis will also collect data in-app via our technology partner, XYO, a location-based technology firm focused on providing pinpoint location signals across networks of different classes utilization multiple location-verification methods.  It’s really that simple. This data will not be sold or compromised – but only used for analysis of transportation and driver trends. It’s really that simple. Drivers earn cash-back rewards and greater revenue opportunities for doing what they do every day – driving.

LaneAxis is creating the first ever Commercial Driver Score transportation data network by incentivizing drivers via cash-back rewards, a “Smart” Fuel Network, and new revenue opportunities – leading to a new era of trust and efficiency between all supply chain parties.

Video: Understanding the Commercial Driver Score and Reward Network

A Decentralized Transportation Network With a Centralized Focus on Data

A groundbreaking business tool that produces unprecedented efficiencies and revenue opportunities by capturing real-time driver performance and location data metrics

The Commercial Driver Score (CDS)

Beyond disruptive – The CDS represents a fundamental shift in the way drivers connect and conduct business with those looking to move freight.

The LaneAxis Platform & Blockchain

LaneAxis is a pioneer in freight management, and the blockchain takes the platform to the ultimate level of security and automation

The LaneAxis Network Data Hub

The heart of the system and a groundbreaking business tool for shippers, supply chain partners, and drivers

Direct Connectivity for Drivers

One of the ancillary benefits of the LaneAxis platform is the potential to establish direct connectivity between manufacturers and drivers – removing the need for costly intermediaries

What Drives the LaneAxis Team

Decades of combined experience in transportation, logistics, software development and crypto-economics

Driven by Patented Technology

LaneAxis owns a patented Shipper-to-Carrier direct process that ensures total trust between parties and a competitive edge for LaneAxis and its partners

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