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Reinventing the Global Supply Chain for a Better World

The global supply chain is a mess. We've all seen it. LaneAxis has an unprecedented solution: a Global Direct Supply Chain Network built on Blockchain where shippers/manufacturers connect directly with independent truckers – eliminating the need for costly intermediaries such as freight brokers.

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Reasons to Invest

  • End-to-End supply chain management and visibility. Virtually everything around you ended up on a truck at some point. LaneAxis provides complete chain-of-custody with all milestones and docs stored on immutable private blockchain.

  • Oversold two previous crowdfund campaigns with hundreds on waitlist; Currently over 6,000 shareholders

  • The purest form of a transportation movement: Shipper/manufacturer contracts directly with a carrier/trucking company, load is assigned to a driver, and all parties have real-time visibility and direct communication.

  • LaneAxis’ proprietary software removes freight brokers/3PLs, annual contracted rates and manual processes - offering shippers unlimited direct access to 1 million+ trucking companies. LaneAxis mobile app connects to network, providing real-time visibility on every load.

  • U.S. supply chain industry is a $1 trillion dollar market, $15 trillion globally. This is LaneAxis' target market.

  • Environmental benefits: eliminating 29 billion empty truck miles per year. LaneAxis is aligned with Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

  • Large shippers use brokers because 90% of all trucking companies have 3 trucks or less. These small trucking companies actually move most of the freight across America. Utilizing LaneAxis technology and APIs, small carriers can now avoid brokers and work directly with shippers.

  • Powerful IP/Tech Stack includes patented shipper-to-carrier direct software. Patent-pending features include blockchain-minted insurance docs and a private supply chain network for federal/military agencies.

  • 1.37 million brokered loads are posted daily on DAT - the largest load board in the U.S. Every 1% market share moved to a direct model equates to $150 million in annual transactional revenue.

Message to Investors

When you invest in LaneAxis, you’re investing in more than a company – you own a piece of the software that will change the global supply chain.

Every person reading this is affected by the supply chain and the inefficiencies crippling it. Look around your own home – most everything you see ended up on a truck at some point. While the supply chain is complicated, LaneAxis streamlines and simplifies it for key stakeholders with one overarching solution: direct shipper-to-carrier connectivity, total network visibility, and smart contract security managed by the LaneAxis Immutable Chain.

There are mountains of stats to support the need for LaneAxis’ patented model, but perhaps none more significant than this: Research shows 94% of businesses do not have full visibility of their supply chain and logistics operations2.

94 percent!

This translates into higher costs for shippers, shattered links in the supply chain, and empty shelves at stores – particularly during unforeseen emergencies such as pandemics or regional and national disasters.

It also explains why so many shippers turn to costly, cumbersome and often unscrupulous transportation intermediaries. Every year freight brokers and “managed services” consume $200 billion+ in commissions and fees – revenue taken directly out of the pockets of hardworking U.S. truck drivers. Ultimately it’s consumers who bear the brunt of these exorbitant fees in the form of higher prices.

It’s critical to remember 97% of U.S. trucking companies are small and independent3, owning just a handful of trucks – and in many cases just a single truck. These small “mom and pop” shops represent the backbone of the trucking sector – and by extension the U.S. economy. But you wouldn’t know it by the way these carriers are treated and compensated. A shipper-direct, brokerless network is long overdue, which is why LaneAxis has quickly amassed an army of 20,000+ trucking companies starving for a broker-free solution.

Intermediaries have long trumpeted their business model as critical to helping streamline and manage complicated processes. But logic dictates that intermediaries not only need chaotic processes to justify their existence, but many actually contribute to and exacerbate that very chaos in an effort to cement their place in the middle of a mess they largely created.

LaneAxis fundamentally rejects this approach. Intermediaries occasionally add value, but where they really excel is adding unnecessary costs while doing little to improve visibility or efficiency.

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that the supply chain is in desperate need of reinvention.

LaneAxis is leading this movement.

Current Problems

Disputed Payments⁴

29 BILLION Empty Truck Miles/Yr ⁵

Broker Margins 15%-50% ⁶

Lack Of Driver Metrics ⁷

Current Problems

Dock Efficiency Analytics

Freight Lane Analytics

Lack Of Direct Connectivity

Detention Times ⁸

The Power of Intellectual Property

Invest in the future of supply chain & direct connectivity

LaneAxis is a next-gen software company focused on one critical mission: to build the first Global Supply Chain Direct Network. LaneAxis has developed and owns its own patented software and private Layer 2 blockchain, empowering organizations to seamlessly transition into the world of Web 3.0. LaneAxis’ tech stack is unmatched in the supply chain industry. When you invest in LaneAxis, you own a piece of this valuable Intellectual Property.

LaneAxis licenses its proprietary software and blockchain code base to AXIS Chain (www.axischain.network). As a software provider, LaneAxis provides IT services and management for AXIS Chain and an ever-growing number of additional companies – many of them still relying on decades-old technology to move product.

In addition to LaneAxis’ fully approved software patent, the company has several more patents pending for its proprietary technology:

Patent Approved: Shipper to Carrier Direct SaaS Platform

LaneAxis essentially “owns the process” of a shipper-to-carrier direct SaaS system. Officially titled “Shipper and Carrier Interaction Optimization Platform,” U.S. Patent 9,928,475 was approved in March of 2018. The patent is described as a platform where “[o]ne or more carriers can enter equipment specifications, such as equipment type, availability, and minimum payment amount accepted, as well as bids for employment to ship goods via the shipper and carrier optimization platform. The platform can automate matching shippers and carriers for each shipment, provide information regarding shipping status, and help carriers to maximize the amount of time their vehicles carry cargo.” The LaneAxis legal team estimates dozens of companies may currently be in violation of this patent.

Patent Pending: Federal Transportation Network (FTN)

End-to-End Visibility on a Global Scale

Clogged ports and empty shelves highlight the need for a coordinated federal response to mitigate such supply chain emergencies. Unlike the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which has real-time visibility over all aircraft at all times, no such network exists for the critical trucking industry. LaneAxis has a patent pending application (USPTO application #63255460) for a “Federal Transportation Network” platform (FTN). The FTN provides the ability to view all active-duty trucks in real-time and collect data via API connection with federally mandated Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) installed in every cab. Currently this information is scattered and officers have to manually audit any violations using eRODS. The FTN will allow electronic monitoring, enforcement and fines for the Department of Transportation (DOT).

The platform enables U.S. government and military agencies real-time communication, access and visibility to the 5 million+ DOT-licensed truck drivers in the U.S. This is critical for defense communication and product end-to-end visibility in time of need.

Patent Pending: Blockchain-Verified Insurance Documents

LaneAxis built a next gen “DocuSign” style product called Doc immutable. Doc Immutable is marketed to insurance companies in all industries and eliminates the potential for forgery or manipulation of insurance documents. AXIS Chain is licensing LaneAxis’ patent-pending software code to mint large amounts of documents while providing low gas fees of just a few cents per document.

Earlier this year, LaneAxis filed a provisional patent application for a “Smart Contract-Based Insurance Certificate Platform” (USPTO Application #63321773). The task of verifying insurance is one of many reasons large shipping companies/manufacturers have been hesitant to work directly with small trucking companies, which represent 97% of the industry. It has simply been time and cost prohibitive. Now, with the push of a button, shippers can have full confidence that carrier Certificates of Insurance (COIs) are valid and accurate. This will eliminate any potential for fraudulent or manipulated Certificates of Insurance as well as reduce overreliance on paper processes.

Insurance companies will provide the network with immutable, NFT-minted COIs, ensuring total accuracy of policy coverage details including expiration dates. And it’s not just for trucking. Doc Immutable will mint blockchain-verified insurance documents for all insurance sectors. The FBI estimates insurance fraud is a $40 billion per year problem in the U.S. – and that does not include the health insurance sector. This criminal behavior costs the average U.S. family up to $700 per year in increased premiums. As part of this initiative, LaneAxis is also partnering with the American Association of Owner Operators, which has 35-years’ worth of relationships with insurance companies.

AXIS Chain and Private Network

LaneAxis has built its own private blockchain, where all information related to a shipment is stored on the LaneAxis immutable ledger. This includes 35 load-level shipment events and multiple documents. This data drives trust in the process as well as the LaneAxis Network itself, as all information stored is vital for a shipper and carrier to improve how shipments are managed. The data harvested is crucial in bridging the supply chain gaps between the shipper and carrier, and injecting unprecedented efficiencies into the supply chain. Average loading and unloading times, driver/carrier performance scores, freight lane analytics – these are just a sampling of key data points that will benefit individual organizations and the freight transportation industry at large.

LaneAxis has exclusive rights on AXIS Chain to read any information related to supply chain management and insurance. The AXIS Chain will also be available for developers to build Decentralized Applications (dAPPS) in all industries. The focus of AXIS Chain is to help companies easily migrate to a blockchain and the important new technology known as Web 3.0.

As you can see, LaneAxis is much more than just a “freight tracking” tool. It is a complete, global, end-to-end supply chain management system boasting impressive features and functionality. As a LaneAxis shareholder, you will own a piece of this important Intellectual Property.

  • Working with smaller carriers is more effective, efficient, transparent and profitable than working with mega carriers or brokers.
  • Shippers do not have to worry about liability – all the risk is moved to the network itself. Insurance documents are guaranteed, with nearly 3 dozen data points and documents stored on the LaneAxis blockchain, meaning they cannot be tampered with or forged.
  • Billing and payment are automatically handled by the network.

When you own a piece of LaneAxis, you also own a piece of the LaneAxis software intellectual property How valuable can this be?

There is simply too much economic value utilizing the LaneAxis network to ignore. It really is that simple. The system is built, it’s now time to mass market and build the direct network.

Consider that DAT (“Dial a Truck”), the largest load board in the country, posts nearly 1.37 million loads every day. LaneAxis goal is to peel away 1% of that amount annually and move those loads through the LaneAxis Network. For every 1% of DAT’s market share gained, a direct network platform would project over $150 million per year (13,700 loads a day times a $30.00 per load transaction fee) earned in revenue.

Join us as we reinvent the broken supply chain and expand globally for a better tomorrow.

An Industry Starving for Solutions

Invest in the future of supply chain & direct connectivity

Shippers are fed up with the inefficiencies and lack of transparency baked into the current freight transportation model. The LaneAxis platform is built to solve these problems.

The Solution

Invest in the future of supply chain & direct connectivity

The use of Artificial Intelligence fueled by immutable-secured data will render some longstanding trucking terms obsolete. Truckload (FTL), Less-than-truckload (LTL), regional, and last mile will simply fall under the category of “Network Visibility.”

AI and Machine Learning will identify available capacity when and where it’s needed. Apart from the potential benefits for the supply chain industry as a whole, LaneAxis’ goal is to put money back into the pockets of the people that it belongs to, namely shippers, carriers, drivers and consumers.

Direct Guaranteed Payment

Carriers and drivers are typically paid directly 24-hours after a successful delivery - a process that has long taken weeks or even months to complete

Direct Negotiations

By connecting Shippers directly to Carriers, all sides save money, time and hassles

Artificial Intelligence Maximizes Capacity & Efficiency

The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning identifies available capacity when and where it's needed

Immutable Ledger Ensures Data Integrity

From prior-to-pickup through proof-of-delivery, all shipment documents are uploaded to LaneAxis' distributed ledger which cannot be modified or manipulated

Virtually Eliminates Detention Disputes

No more questions about when a driver arrived to the pickup or drop-off location - essentially eliminating detention disputes that cost carriers and drivers billions of dollars per year

How it Works

Invest in the future of supply chain & direct connectivity


For decades, it’s been a very slow roll for technology in trucking. Even in 2022 – phone calls, faxes and emails STILL persist in the industry. But LaneAxis is leveraging two critical developments to tap into the power of a Direct Network built on immutable data. First: The mass adoption of smartphones by drivers. Second, the federal requirement for Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) in all cabs.

The LaneAxis platform provides shippers visibility to a filtered query carrier driver pool, allowing carriers and drivers to receive shipper-direct load alerts and bid on them directly. Loads are then tracked in real-time from prior-to-pickup through proof-of-delivery, with all shipment documents immediately uploaded and securely stored in the LaneAxis immutable ledger.


No complicated hardware to install, just plug and play via customized API calls. Use your native business platforms with the flexibility and convenience of having LaneAxis on board.


Complete load history with all time stamps and key documents digitally cemented on the LaneAxis immutable ledger

Private Immutable Data Network

The LaneAxis immutable ledger is focused on bridging the gap between real world applications to the digital age. Forged out of the need to provide cost effective alternatives to major global industries, LaneAxis solves real-world problems in an atypical way by employing a private, decentralized ledger to redefine how businesses operate today.

LaneAxis is focused on high quality and secure business transactions while keeping fees low. Industries such as supply chain and insurance companies struggle to manage extremely high volumes of shipments and insurance documents. High transaction (“gas”) fees, such as those found on the Ethereum Network, could cripple these companies. By employing a private and proprietary ledger, LaneAxis is able to keep gas fees extremely low while maintaining lightning fast transaction speeds.

Testimonials & Case Studies

Invest in the future of supply chain & direct connectivity

A Shipper Regains Control over Lost Shipments and Lost Revenue with LaneAxis

Shipper Shock: A Record Fast Load Tender Proves Out LaneAxis Model.

Owner Operator: “Man you can’t trust them brokers as far as you can see ‘em.”

Petroleum Shipper "Strikes Oil" with LaneAxis

Former Walmart Logistics Executive and LaneAxis Shareholder Breaks Down Industry Problems and LaneAxis Solutions

Federal Transportation Network Progress

LaneAxis Has No True
Competition in the Industry

Simply stated: no one in the freight or tech industries is doing what we’re doing. All of our so-called “competitors” still rely on the very freight brokers and third party logistics companies (3PLs) who have essentially held the industry hostage for decades. Just ask any independent trucker what they think of freight brokers, and make sure no kids are around when they give you their answer.

Industry Size & Future Growth

Invest in the future of supply chain & direct connectivity

The size of the U.S. and global transportation industry is staggering - and it's only growing. According to our projections, penetrating just a tiny slice of the market could generate millions of dollars in DAILY revenue for LaneAxis. Of course, we don't want just a tiny slice - we want the whole pie. Our desire for market dominance is more than self-serving, it's the end goal of a passionate team of truckers and techies who want to fundamentally transform the supply chain for the betterment of all society.

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Invest in the future of supply chain & direct connectivity

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