A Groundbreaking Transportation Network Fueled by a Powerful Driver App

The LaneAxis Pro Driver App and Transportation Network is built to give a much-needed overhaul to the rudderless $800 billion U.S. trucking industry.
LaneAxis is creating the first-of-its kind data-driven network that puts drivers “on the map” in a whole new way.  Drivers contribute location and other valuable data via a sophisticated app that provides LaneAxis-negotiated fuel discounts at all Pilot Flying J locations, free trucker specific navigation, and instant access to “AAOO Mobile”, home of the American Association of Owner Operators.

Bringing Together a Fractured Driver Network
0 + Million
Professional Drivers
in America
0 % of Trucking Companies
are Independent, Owning a
Handful of Trucks

An Automated Spot Market Connecting Shippers Directly to Drivers in Seconds

A lack of true visibility, and as a result – trust – has long kept shippers and drivers from doing meaningful business together. Costly intermediaries have filled the void. The fully patented LaneAxis Shipper-Carrier Direct Optimization Platform is paving the way for a better future. The Pro Driver App is a digital home base that gives Drivers the opportunity to enter their professional and vehicle details along with current and future locations. When shippers query the network for specific location and equipment needs, suitable Drivers will instantly receive broadcast “revenue alerts”. The signup process for both Shippers and Drivers is a snap – and the results are game-changing.

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Direct Access to Wide Network of Drivers

Avoid Costly Freight Brokers

End-To-End Visibility


Direct Access Opportunities to Shipper Freight

Free Trucker Navigation and Major Fuel Discounts

Virtually Eliminate Empty Backhauls

What Makes us different ?

Developed and inspired by a team with decades of combined experience in transportation, logistics, and software development, the LaneAxis think tank has the passion and skills required to the transform freight logistics the right way.

Putting the Pieces Together

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Data Network & Hub

The heart of the system and a groundbreaking business tool for Shippers, supply-chain partners, and Drivers.

Real-Time Freight Tracking and Document Management

LaneAxis is a pioneer in virtual freight management, ensuring real-time tracking of all freight movements from prior-to-pickup through proof-of-delivery.

Patented Software

LaneAxis essentially "owns the process" of a Shipper-to-Carrier direct system based on mobile connectivity. You can read our patent here.

Our Solution for Direct Connectivity

Our Solution for Direct Connectivity

It starts with giving Professional Drivers the tools and benefits they need to improve their professional and personal lives. Free trucker specific navigation. Fuel Discounts at all Pilot Flying J locations, with real-time pricing layered into the maps. Full mobile access to our partner organization, the American Association of Owner Operators. By utilizing these benefits, Drivers now become visible to Shippers all across the globe seeking top-notch independent professionals to move their products.
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Key App Features

LaneAxis Bullet Point

LaneAxis Bullet Point

Free Truck-Specific Navigation & Mobile Access to all Pilot Flying J Benefits

Location-Based Load Revenue Alerts Straight to Mobile

LaneAxis Bullet Point

LaneAxis Bullet Point

All Pilot Locations & Real-Time Fuel Pricing Integrated Into Mapping

Instant Access to AAOO Benefits

Join Us!

SHIPPERS: Find Drivers Immediately with Load-Level Visibility

DRIVERS: Incredible App Benefits Including Mobile Fueling, Trucking Specific Navigation & all Pilot Flying J Benefits

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