A Groundbreaking Transportation Network Fueled by a Powerful Driver App

The LaneAxis transportation network serves as a central source of curated statistical intelligence. Interested Drivers contribute data via LaneAxis’ Professional Driver app, taking advantages of significant fuel discounts at Pilot Flying J locations, Trucker specific navigation and a wealth of additional benefits.

Bringing Together a Fractured Driver Network
0 + Million
Professional Drivers
in America
0 % of Trucking Companies
are Independent, Owning a
Handful of Trucks

Shipper-to-Carrier Direct
Goodbye Costly Intermediaries

The LaneAxis data network uses a proprietary algorithm based on Driver performance metrics to establish reliability and risk assessment standards for Professional Drivers. This gives Shippers and Manufacturers the confidence to deal directly with Drivers, cutting out costly and often inefficient freight brokers and third party logistics companies (3PLs) that often fleece both Shippers and Drivers. The result? Shippers save money – Drivers earn more.

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Direct Access to Wide Network of Drivers

Avoid Costly Freight Brokers

End-To-End Visibility


Direct Access Opportunities to Shipper Freight

Free Trucker Navigation and Major Fuel Discounts

Virtually Eliminate Empty Backhauls

What Makes us different ?

LaneAxis is building the first-of its kind Decentralized Transportation Network with a Centralized focus on data. Developed and inspired by a team with decades of combined experience in transportation, logistics, software development, and crypto economics, the LaneAxis think tank has the passion and skills required to the transform freight logistics the right way.

Putting the Pieces Together

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Data Network & Hub

The heart of the system and a groundbreaking business tool for Shippers, supply-chain partners, and Drivers.

Blockchain and Token Secured Technology

LaneAxis is a pioneer in virtual freight management, and the blockchain takes the platform to the ultimate level of security and automation, all monitored by the AXIS token.

Patented Software

LaneAxis essentially "owns the process" of a Shipper-to-Carrier direct system based on mobile connectivity. You can read our patent here.

Our Solution for Direct Connectivity

Our Solution for Direct Connectivity

A decentralized transportation network with a centralized focus on data – created by decades of combined experience in transportation, logistics, software development, and blockchain technology. Our essential focus: leveraging technology to connect Shippers directly to Drivers.​

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Key App Features

LaneAxis Bullet Point

LaneAxis Bullet Point

Free Truck-Specific Navigation

Mobile  Access to Pilot Benefits Including   Parking & Shower Reservations

LaneAxis Bullet Point

LaneAxis Bullet Point

All Pilot Locations & Real-Time Fuel Pricing Integrated Into Mapping

Instant Access to AAOO Benefits

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SHIPPERS: Lower your shipping costs today and gain true visibility over your

DRIVERS: Join the LaneAxis Network and enjoy incredible benefits including major fuel discounts & potential direct access to Shipper freight

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