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The major cost in a company’s Supply Chain is their per load freight rate. Today millions of daily shipments are priced by load boards, freight brokers and annual contracted rates which – in total - represent $200 billion+ in annual fees.

Integrating with or having direct access to the network offers data-driven visibility, enabling real-time access to freight rates.

What's the Main Problem in Trucking Today?

Trucking is bogged down by archaic processes, stale technology, and most critically - a lack of data-backed pricing transparency on virtually every load moved.

Companies often struggle to find capacity when and where they need it, despite the fact that U.S. trucks drive an astonishing 20-30 BILLION empty miles every year. This is a colossal waste of capacity and resources.

Shippers and Transportation Management Systems (TMSs) are generally limited to their small existing network of carriers when searching for capacity rates. By integrating with the Network, shippers and TMSs suddenly have access to an endless sea of carrier ratings with capacity rates.

Other Industry Problems

The freight transportation industry also faces other significant challenges, including fluctuating freight rates, reliance on brokers for rate data that may or may not be accurate, and a lack of load-level transparency. The network aims to address these issues as a neutral hub around which shippers and carriers can connect, contract, and establish long-term relationships.

The LaneAxis Solution

LaneAxis is a thriving, dynamic network that can serve as a standalone platform or seamlessly integrate into your existing operations and any TMS.

LaneAxis broadcasts your lanes and shipments to a vast network of carriers. You can even use LaneAxis in parallel with your current processes. Negotiate rates directly, track your shipment in real-time from pickup to dropoff, communicate directly with your carrier/driver, and let LaneAxis do all the heavy lifting via advanced automation. All shipment documents are stored in an immutable ledger for full document integrity and security.

An all-in-one freight management solution


Make capacity crunches a thing of the past by directly accessing a dynamic marketplace of millions of independent truckers.


Leverage artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to make better business decisions.


Have full confidence in the carriers moving your loads via data-backed performance scores. Competitive real-time bidding promotes lower shipping costs.


shipper-direct connections/negotiations. Customized network of direct shipments. Control you destiny.

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Carrier-direct connection. Tender shipments easily. Find capacity when and where you need it.

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TMS Providers

Other your shipping customers a next generation procurement and pricing tool that will strengthen their operations and make you shine.

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