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First brokerless
direct freight network

LaneAxis is reinventing freight transportation via its patented Shipper-to-Carrier direct model. By removing the dependency on freight brokers, third party logistics (3PLs) and load boards, Shippers can save 20% or more on every load - while Carriers can make an additional 20% or more on every load. That’s the power of going direct.

Direct freight network

Trucking companies and Shippers no longer have to rely on costly and cumbersome intermediaries to move loads. Just as Netflix knocked out Blockbuster with its direct model, LaneAxis is knocking out brokers and 3PLs to create a more efficient, transparent and secure supply chain.

The LaneAxis Direct Network leverages immutable network data and patented smart tech to inject stability, predictability and end-to-end visibility into the fragile supply chain.


Network visibility, real-time shipment tracking, and all documents stored securely on the blockchain. Virtually eliminate detention disputes.

Direct Freight

Shipment rates and contracts are negotiated directly, the way it should be.


LaneAxis guarantees payment to truckers 24 hours after a successful delivery.


Book Shipper-direct freight, make more money, control your destiny.


Tender shipments easily. Find capacity when and where you need it.