LaneAxis Investor - LaneAxis Direct Freight Network

The First Direct Supply Chain Network

LaneAxis, Inc., is a Web 3.0 software technology company that has built a proprietary blockchain, customizable smart contract, and global peer-to-peer network serving multiple business verticals. Our immediate focus is eliminating middlemen managed services in fixing the nearly $1 trillion U.S. transportation sector - and by extension the global $15 trillion global supply chain sector.

Reasons to Invest

  • The first and only BROKERLESS direct freight network fueled by smart tech, smart contracts and immutable data built on a private blockchain

  • Maxed out two Reg. CF capital raises ($1M & $5M) in near-record time with hundreds left on waitlist

  • Valuable Intellectual Property elevates LaneAxis above the rest

  • A massive and continually growing market in need of reinvention, especially in the wake of the global pandemic

  • Environmental benefits: eliminating 29 billion empty miles per year; energy efficient blockchain mining

  • Data-driven platform delivers unprecedented industry insights

  • First-to-market with Brokerless Direct Freight Network, blockchain minted insurance documents, Federal Transportation Network, and independent Cold Storage Warehouse Network

  • Everyone benefits: manufacturers, retailers, carriers, drivers, consumers and the environment

IP Intellectual Property

Invest in the future of supply chain, blockchain & direct connectivity

Patent Approved

LaneAxis essentially "owns the process" of a shipper-to-carrier direct SaaS platform LaneAxis owns valuable Intellectual Property in the form of a fully patented Shipper to Carrier direct model. U.S. Patent 9,928,475 — officially titled “Shipper and Carrier Interaction Optimization Platform” — was approved in March of 2018.

Patent Pending: Federal Transportation Network (FTN)

Clogged ports and empty shelves highlight the need for a coordinated federal response to mitigate such supply chain emergencies. Unlike the FAA, which has real-time visibility over all aircraft at all times, no such network exists for the critical trucking industry. LaneAxis has filed a provisional utility patent application for a “Federal Transportation Network” platform (FTN). The platform enables the US federal transportation network to view and communicate directly with each of the licensed DOT trucking companies.

Patent Pending: Smart Contract Insurance Verification

LaneAxis has filed a provisional patent application for a "Smart Contract-Based Insurance Certificate Platform" (USPTO Application #63321773). This will eliminate any potential for fraudulent or manipulated Certificates of Insurance as well as reduce overreliance on paper processes. Insurance companies will provide LaneAxis with blockchain-minted COIs, ensuring total accuracy of policy coverage details including expiration dates. An estimated 10-12 million insurance documents are issued every day in the U.S.