LaneAxis is NOT a Load Board – We’re Much More

We're building a Shipper-Direct Load NETWORK

We are often asked: “Where do I find your load board?”

Our answer: We are not a load board. We are a Direct Load Network.

LaneAxis is the first BROKERLESS Direct Network in the industry. We are thinking much bigger than load boards. And we need hard working Carriers like you to help us build this long-overdue network – and finally kick brokers to the curb.

As you probably know, load boards are dominated by freight posted by brokers. That means the price being paid to Carriers like yourself is 15-50% less than what the original shipper paid the broker.

Your voices expressing anger and frustration at the brokerage industry have been heard. LaneAxis is answering the call.

We are creating a network built exactly for companies like you: independent Truckers looking for direct freight without brokers getting in the way and taking money out of your pocket. We are building a tool that empowers you to establish DIRECT relationships with Shippers of all sizes and in all areas, so you can create your own “private” load board with Shipper-direct freight for years to come.

Consider a situation where a Shipper is willing to pay $1,000 for a load. If that Shipper utilizes a broker, and that broker takes 20%, you only get paid $800. In our model, you keep the entire $1,000 – minus 1.75% transaction fees – so your final payment would be about $975. That’s $975 in your pocket instead of $800. 

In other words, just a single shipper-direct load (in an example like this), would more than cover your $60 membership fee. Additionally, we guarantee direct payment on all shipments, usually 24 hours after delivery. As you know, Shippers and brokers sometimes take weeks or even months to finalize payments. LaneAxis requires Shippers to submit their freight payment before the load can be tendered. That means faster, guaranteed pay after a successful delivery, and no more factoring.

This Will Not Happen Instantly

Building a Shipper-to-Carrier Direct Network has never been done before. That’s why we are asking Carriers to be patient and persistent as you build out your network. We understand that Carriers coming into the LaneAxis system would like to see loads offered to them right away. But we can’t stress enough the importance of looking at the “big picture” and thinking long-term. By building your own Shipper-direct network, you will be setting yourself up for success and more income for years to come. Over time, you will have your own “personalized,” broker-free load board, and you will be able to control your own destiny.

We are adding extra staff to our outbound call center and following up on every Shipper-connection request you are sending out. We currently have approximately 100,000 Shippers in our Network Database and their direct contacts in charge of transportation. To be clear – we did not wave a magic wand and get 100,000 Shippers to sign up with LaneAxis – but we do have them in our network database. It takes legwork and teamwork – from all of us – to get them to join the LaneAxis Direct Network.

Finally: A Direct Network for Independent American Truckers

Our company founders are trucking vets. We know your pain. That’s why we’ve built this network for you and kept our membership fees so low. Again, keep in mind that just ONE Shipper-Direct load should cover the cost of a $60, 6-month LaneAxis membership. That 6-month plan also includes free membership into the American Association of Owner Operators and their multitude of benefits, which includes fuel discounts of $.45 cents and up on every gallon of diesel. That savings alone would also cover LaneAxis membership fees.

There’s plenty more you can take advantage of NOW as well. The LaneAxis FreightVISION driver app provides real-time GPS tracking, all load details sent straight to the driver’s mobile, geofence entry and exit notifications, instantly uploaded e-docs including proof-of-pickup and delivery, and a complete load history once the load is completed. This dramatically simplifies record keeping and regulatory reporting. FreightVISION also features FREE truck-specific navigation for all loads run through the system.

You can also provide your existing shipping customers with a tracking link that gives them the same real-time visibility into the shipment’s progress, along with all the load documentation. This builds trust and transparency, and also introduces them to the LaneAxis platform.

So keep sending out those Shipper invitations (and we’ll keep following up), make sure to add your drivers and get them using the app, and make sure to run your existing loads through the system and share that tracking link.

We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done. Together, we are building the first brokerless Direct Freight Network. Let’s do this.

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