Overdrive Magazine – LaneAxis: A ‘dating app’ for truckers to connect with shippers

April 29, 2020 / in LaneAxis News / by Overdrive Magazine

Though software provider LaneAxis has existed in some form since 2015, with its market offerings so far mostly centered on load tracking for both shippers and carriers, the company has shifted its attention to a slightly more ambitious goal: Building a platform in which small carriers can connect directly with shippers to access shipper-direct freight and, thus, sidestep brokers for load opportunities.

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LaneAxis Closes Equity Crowdfund with Week to Spare and Massive Momentum

May 19, 2020 / in LaneAxis Blog / by LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis closed out its Online Public Offering (OPO) a week before the campaign’s scheduled end, hitting the finish line 8-days early with an incredible tailwind of momentum. The company reached the current maximum investment amount allowed for a Reg-CF offering (Regulation Crowdfunding) – $1.07 million – on late May 14, 2020, one full week before the campaign’s scheduled May 21 end date.

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Truckers Revolt Against Brokers and Bad Pay; LaneAxis Shareholder Shares Delivery Nightmare

April 29, 2020 / in LaneAxis Blog / by LaneAxis Staff

​Small and independent truckers are absolutely fed up – especially with freight brokers. As the COVID-19 crisis has unfolded, freight rates have plummeted, all while drivers literally put their lives on the line to keep their families fed and store shelves stocked. Anger boiled over last week when large groups of drivers staged highway protests in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Houston. Drivers at all three locations were cited for obstruction of traffic, with one Houston protestor charged with inciting a riot.

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Direct Freight Payment via AXIS Token/Blockchain and Automated Trucks/Drones

April 23, 2020 / in LaneAxis Blog / by LaneAxis Staff

A major feature to the LaneAxis Network which several of our members have inquired about is the future payment process within the network itself.  LaneAxis is focused on removing financial bloat and driving efficiencies into every aspect of the supply chain. One key component of that effort will be the direct freight payment. As the driver network grows, FreightLINK will allow shippers to connect directly to drivers/carriers, with the AXIS token being utilized for the direct payment.
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The Coronavirus and Empty Shelves – Why a Centralized Freight Network is Needed Now More Than Ever

March 18, 2020 / in LaneAxis Blog / by LaneAxis Staff

While health experts scramble to contain the COVID-19 virus, supply chain experts are scrambling to keep products moving and stores stocked. Apocalyptic images showing supermarket shelves stripped bare of essentials like toilet paper and canned food clearly illustrate the challenges they’re facing. Decades-old supply chain inefficiencies are once again being exposed.

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LaneAxis Zooms Past $100k in Equity Crowdfunding Raise

March 9, 2020 / in EIN Presswire, News Release /  by LaneAxis Staff

The LaneAxis platform instantly and directly connects shippers to a pool of hundreds of thousands of drivers, tracks their loads in real-time, monitors available truck capacity to eliminate billions of empty truck miles annually, then sends electronic documentation directly to shippers. Critically, the platform also manages and monitors shipper-carrier contracts, insurance documents, and other labor-intensive processes.

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Six Trends Changing Logistics In 2020

February 18, 2020 / in Yahoo Finance / by LaneAxis Staff

Logistics plays a significant role in keeping the world economy moving. However, what keeps logistics moving? In 2020, we’re seeing new global pressures, opportunities in ecommerce markets and alliances coalescing around new technologies.

Here’s a look at some of the top logistics trends impacting supply chain management, shipping, compliance and more

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Fill ‘Er Up – How A Professional Trucker Network Aims to Eliminate 20 BILLION Empty Truck Miles Per Year

December 15, 2019 / in BLOG: /  by LaneAxis Staff

You read that right – every year U.S. trucks drive an estimated 20 BILLION miles hauling zero, zilch, nada – just empty trailers. Only McDonald’s should brag about numbers like that. The transportation industry should be ashamed.

The patented LaneAxis platform aims to coalesce the nation’s 4 million truck drivers into a single “Professional Trucker Network,” linked together via a mobile app that serves as a digital home base for drivers. The Pro Trucker App allows drivers to enter their professional and vehicle details along with current and future location(s) into the LaneAxis data network. Shippers and other supply chain parties can then query the network via a web-based portal, set specific parameters and requirements for their shipment(s), then send out “revenue alerts” to all drivers who meet those thresholds. In practice, this gives shippers immediate “on-demand” access to qualified drivers, while giving drivers the opportunity to plan their hauls days and even weeks in advance. This will dramatically reduce the number of deadhead miles.

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“Baseless” Claims Against LaneAxis CEO Rick Burnett Dismissed as Part of Lawsuit Settlement

September 18, 2019 / in Fleetowner​ /  by LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis, Inc. and CEO Rick Burnett have reached a settlement agreement with the former corporate officers of Budbo, Inc., bringing to an end a lawsuit filed by the plaintiffs in late 2018. Of greatest importance to LaneAxis and Mr. Burnett, he has been released from any and all claims that he improperly transferred corporate funds to himself. Several weeks prior to the scurrilous allegations set forth in the lawsuit, Mr. Burnett, who at the time also served as Budbo CEO, fired the plaintiffs from their positions as Budbo corporate officers.

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Understanding blockchain in trucking

May 15, 2019 / in /  by LaneAxis Staff

Originally developed as the accounting platform for Bitcoin, the virtual currency, blockchain is a decentralized ledger of transactions. It creates records that cannot be changed or deleted, with verification accomplished through a network of participants, or distributed nodes rather than through a third party, such as a bank or credit card company. This process is meant to ensure that transactions cannot be tampered with, providing a means for companies or people who may not know each other to immediately establish trust and do commerce.

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How a driver-centric social network can empower truckers

Oct. 9, 2018 / in (journal of commerce) /  by LaneAxis Staff

A driver-centric social network could not only become part of the trucking ecosystem, but establish itself as the very core of driver and industry interaction.

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Opinion: Combating Congested Interstates Through Blockchain

October 2, 2018 / in Transport Topics /  by LaneAxis Staff

After six decades of construction, the last stretch of the most traveled highway in the United States — Interstate 95 — is finally complete.

The final section of this vitally important road — one that facilitates 40% of the United States’ gross domestic product — was set to open on Sept. 24 in Mercer County, N.J. The project marked the end of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s National Interstate and Defense Highways Act, passed in 1956 in the wake of World War II as a way to ensure the nation had a system of roads it could rely on to mobilize forces in times of war.

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Blockchain’s ‘Underpants Gnomes’ Problem

April 20, 2018 / in Forbes /  by LaneAxis Staff

Another blockchain-based company with a solid business model: LaneAxis. This startup is planning to disrupt the shipper carrier industry with a centralized blockchain platform. They hope to displace the brokers that currently negotiate with shippers and carriers to place loads on trucks crossing the country.

Not only will LaneAxis improve efficiencies, but it will provide all participants with access to its platform, including insurance companies, shippers, drivers, and remaining brokers.

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Chipotle, the Food Supply Chain, and LaneAxis

August 1, 2018​ / in BTC Manager /  by LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis has already run pilot programs with some of the largest grocery chains in America interested in learning more about the LaneAxis solution. The LaneAxis blockchain aims to achieve transformative results for logistics control and automation across a multitude of industries – including of course the global food supply chain. The LaneAxis platform will enable shippers to conduct, manage and track transactions across the entire shipping supply chain and digitize all processes. It will dramatically improve inventory management and save time and money across all channels.

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Study: Biggest Trucking Firms Outsource over 42% of Their Freight

May 3, 2016​ / in FleetOwner /  by LaneAxis Staff

A recent LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management study of some of the biggest trucking companies in U.S. revealed 13 of the largest publicly-traded motor carriers outsource an average of 42.29% of their freight shipments; a figure based on the percentage of their total revenue spent on “purchased transportation” recorded in their annual reports, which is essentially subcontracted freight shipment services, according to Rick Burnett, the founder and CEO of LaneAxis.

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LaneAxis Research Shows Top Carriers Outsource Nearly Half Of Freight Shipments

May 3, 2May 3, 2016​ / in Presss Release – Purchased Transportation /  by LaneAxis Staff

“Our findings are clear – many Shippers likely aren’t getting the visibility they think they are,” says Rick Burnett, LaneAxis CEO and Founder. “Large Shippers and Carriers may be able to manage their own fleets effectively, but with so much freight being outsourced to small Carriers with six trucks or less – which is 97% of the trucking industry – that’s a problem. There’s very little visibility into that network.”

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LaneAxis, a Disruptive Freight Management System

Jun 5, 2016​ / in HeffX Live Trading News /  by LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis technology is a virtual freight management network that is transparent and allows shippers and carriers to more effectively and efficiently transact all of the intricate business details that must be addressed in the moving of freight around the nation and eventually the world.

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Software Could Shift Load for Truckers

October 27, 2016 / in San Diego Business Journal /  by LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis makes software for companies that ship by truck. The product works on both mobile phones, shown, and desktops. Screen shots courtesy of LaneAxis. LaneAxis makes software for companies that ship by truck. The product works on both mobile phones, shown, and desktops. Screen shots courtesy of LaneAxis San Diego — It’s a long road with nothing but prairie between Ogallala and North Platte, Neb. What San Diegan Rick Burnett wants to offer, even on this lonely stretch of Interstate 80, is visibility.

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