Persistence, Patience & Power: the Three Pillars of Building a Direct Network

Committed carriers can help end four decades of freight broker dominance


“Old school” truckers (of a certain age) will remember 1980 as a major turning point for the industry. That was the year President Carter signed the Motor Carrier Act of 1980, a move designed to reduce unnecessary regulation of the trucking industry. The goal, in part, was to give trucking companies greater independence and freedom over rates, and lower consumer prices.

The results, however, were mixed at best.

Driver pay plummeted, while the freight brokerage business exploded from just a few hundred companies pre-1980, to more than 17,000 licensed freight brokerages as of 2020.

Freight brokers continue to tear at the fabric of the independent trucking industry, siphoning massive amounts of revenue from small carriers while fighting pricing and process transparency tooth and nail.

This is precisely why LaneAxis launched the first Brokerless Shipper Direct Freight Network. It’s a massive, but much needed undertaking

Dismantling four decades of broker dominance is a marathon, not a sprint. That said, LaneAxis is laser-focused on transforming the industry quickly and giving power and profits back to hardworking truckers. But we can’t do it alone. We need the help of every carrier and owner-operator out there to be persistent in their efforts to connect with shippers inside the LaneAxis network while recruiting other carriers to join. The more carriers are in the network, the more shippers will follow. And remember, the LaneAxis sales team follows up on all carrier-to-shipper connection requests.

Your Success is our Success

Imagine in a year or two having your own “personalized” shipper-direct load board. That will happen as carriers continue to expand their network of shipper-direct relationships. You’ll be able to post your current and future locations, eliminate empty backhauls, and plan out your runs weeks in advance.

We want to be very clear and open with carriers/drivers in explaining that LaneAxis is not a load board. The heart of our system revolves around carriers and shippers connecting directly through our system and doing business directly with each other. This is a fundamental mindset change – one that moves carriers away from “reactive” obtaining of freight (via load boards and brokers), to a “proactive” model where you are empowered to go straight to the source of the freight and do business directly.

Remember, it costs just $60 for a 6-month LaneAxis membership into the Brokerless Network. Consider that on a $1,000 load, a typical broker might take 20%, which means you only pocket $800. With LaneAxis, you get the full amount (minus a small transaction fee). So just a single shipper-direct load will cover your membership cost several times over.

Long-Term Success + Immediate Benefits

While LaneAxis is preaching patience and persistence in building this direct network, we also understand the importance of offering immediate benefits that truckers can take advantage of today.

The LaneAxis FreightVISION app and desktop dashboard is an outstanding fleet management and cost-savings tool for carriers of all sizes – and it can be used right now.

FreightVISION provides:

  • Ability for Carriers to add drivers and create loads
  • Real-time tracking
  • E-docs
  • A tracking link to provide to your existing shipping clients
  • Fast, direct, and guaranteed payment from the Shipper following proof-of-delivery
  • Free truck-specific navigation
  • A suite of tools designed to lower your company’s overhead

In addition to these immediate benefits, a 6-month LaneAxis subscription includes free membership into the American Association of Owner Operators (AAOO).

Among their many benefits:

  • Free fuel card options that can save truckers up to $.50 cents per gallon
  • Telehealth – free for two months and just $8.99/month thereafter. A tremendous option for drivers who can’t afford health insurance.
  • Truck Insurance – AAOO partners with A-rated companies to provide affordable insurance options

Those are just a handful of incredible AAOO benefits carriers/drivers can take advantage of now.

“Our partnership with LaneAxis is based on our shared mission to improve the lives of owner-operators and small fleets,” says David Huff, Chief Executive Officer of AAOO. “A Brokerless Direct Network is long overdue. Our members want it. Our members need it. We’re proud to partner with LaneAxis because they’ve built it – and together with the trucking and shipping communities we are going to see it grow, and grow fast.”

Carrier Founders’ Circle

LaneAxis is also introducing  a program called the “Carrier Founders’ Circle.”

Here’s what that means. 

As one of the original Carriers to join the LaneAxis Direct Network, you will be offered the following benefits and privileges:

  • Priority access to new Shippers enrolled in the Network
  • Identified in the network query search as a “Founders Carrier Circle” member
    Shares in LaneAxis (you will own a piece of the company!)
  • An open invitation to participate in monthly Q&A chat sessions with our CEO
  • A badge displayed next to your company name identifying you as a Founding Carrier
  • Bonus rewards for recruiting new Carriers into the Network
  • Additional benefits to be announced

We will unveil further details of the program in early January.

In short – we want hardworking, independent truckers to carry the LaneAxis flag. We are fighting for you and your future. If you stay active and involved in the network, and keep sending out shipper-connect requests, you will set yourself up for a better professional – and personal – life for years to come.

Visit to learn more.

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