Reimagining the CPG Industry through a Blockchain-Based Direct Transportation Network

Covid crisis prompts sober reassessment of Consumer Packaged Goods Supply Chain


The Consumer Packaged Goods Industry (CPG) is the largest manufacturing employer in the United States, accounting for 20.4 million jobs that generate $1.1 trillion in labor income, and contribute $2 trillion to the nation’s GDP.

And just like most other industries in the country – and the world for that matter – the CPG sector is rightfully reexamining its processes in the wake of Covid-19. From price-gouging, to the indelible images of store shelves stripped bare of essentials like toilet paper and disinfecting products, the pandemic has prompted a much-needed appraisal of supply chain SOPs for the Consumer Goods Sector.

A Shipper-to-Carrier Direct Network powered by blockchain will help the CPG industry overcome many of the challenges – and shortcomings – exposed by the Covid supply chain crunch. The LaneAxis Direct Freight Network and shipment management platform is rising to meet this need and this moment.

The Benefits of Direct Connectivity and Blockchain

Our mission is simple: eliminate costly and often inefficient freight brokers, unify America’s 4 million independent drivers into a single network, and empower shippers to establish and automate direct contractual relationships with those small carriers. Blockchain will serve as the backbone of the system, ensuring accurate, real-time data, and end-to-end supply chain transparency. AXIS utility tokens will serve as both API keys allowing access into the blockchain, while also serving as a means of conducting transactions within the system. The tokens will also be utilized as a reward incentive for drivers, particularly for broadcasting their live locations to the network so shippers can simply look at a map and identify available capacity when and where they need it. Self-executing smart contracts will automate all shipments, from rate confirmation through proof-of-delivery and final settlement.

All shipment and network data will be stored on the LaneAxis Private Blockchain to ensure data integrity and complete traceability from A to Z. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform all network data from the blockchain into important functions such as identifying available load capacity, generating driver and carrier performance scores, and providing actionable insights into lane and loading dock metrics and tendencies. The blockchain will be accessed by a simple-to-use web and mobile interface.

The below diagram illustrates the tokenized blockchain ecosystem and many of its benefits and features.

LaneAxis Blockchain Ecosystem

By connecting shippers directly to carriers via a dynamic on-demand transportation network, the two sides can negotiate rates fairly and directly. Both shippers and carriers will make and save money by cutting out transportation intermediaries and the huge fees they consume. Shippers are now empowered to build a vast independent carrier network that will virtually eliminate capacity concerns regardless of market conditions. That’s because they now have the ability to connect with hundreds of thousands of small trucking companies they never knew existed, and who are all now vetted and visible inside the LaneAxis portal. Shippers no longer have to “throw the dice” by committing to long-term carrier contracts to secure capacity, and often overpaying to do so.


The LaneAxis FreightVISION Driver App – directly connected to the Network Shipper portal – ensures complete transparency over all freight movements by providing shippers real-time tracking, e-docs, proof of pickup/delivery, and much more. Drivers receive all load information directly via the app. Shippers will have a tracking link to monitor the shipment from any device.

LaneAxis requires Carriers to upload valid insurance certificates, Workers Comp verification, CDLs, and other necessary documentation, as well as requiring them to accept the Shipper’s contract. The LaneAxis system monitors renewal dates, instantly archives shipment documents (leading to simplified accounting), and automates numerous processes such as load-tracking that a Shipper would have to pay a dispatcher or other office employee to handle. That adds up to massive overhead.

The LaneAxis Network Platform

It costs nothing for shippers to join.

The CPG Industry is a pillar of the American Economy. A Shipper-to-Carrier Direct Network, powered and protected by a private blockchain, could ensure supply chain security and smoothness through both good times and – most importantly – times of crisis.

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