FAQ'S for Advisors

FAQ'S for Advisors

LaneAxis is the only true agnostic freight network that does not compete with any shipper, broker, 3PL, or trucking company. We are a technology solution. The platform contracts, negotiates, and streams communication directly to the network of carriers reducing costs and increasing profits. 

No we’re not. We are a Software Company that is agnostic to any shipper, broker or carrier. There is transparency throughout all network transactions. The LaneAxis model is transaction-based and not margin-based. Hence, whatever rate is agreed upon by both parties, is done so without any involvement or input from LaneAxis.

Our main focus is on Full Truckloads (FTL).

  • While Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments can be arranged through LaneAxis, Owner-Operators typically prefer to reserve their entire truck for a single shipment and do not calculate available space to divide it between two or more loads. Owner-Operators often treat LTL or Partial shipments as “Dedicated Truck” shipments, exclusively carrying the freight of a single Shipper, and they base their rate on what they would charge for a full truckload.
  • Currently, we are unable to handle Container Drayage for Import or Export shipments to or from Ports.
  • Additionally, we do not handle Parcel packages.

It is the Network we developed that consists of Owner Operators with approximately 5 trucks or less that work independently versus working for the Mega Carriers that have 50 + trucks.

No. Shipment Owners can post as many shipments and lanes as they need.

Yes, there are options that can be checked off by the driver in the app during transportation of a shipment to notify the Shippers of their current status The options they have to check off during a delivery are:

  • Maintenance
  • Accident
  • Resting
  • Fueling
  • Emergency

Currently, an Account Manager checks the Carrier’s authority, Insurance, and FMCSA Safety and Compliance Records before a Shipper assigns a shipment to a Carrier. The Shipper will be notified if their Insurance has been canceled or if there are any red-flags that exist and will be advised not to use them or to use them at their own risk.

LaneAxis uses Stripe for payment processing. Stripe is one of the leading online payment processing providers. Companies like Amazon, Google, Shopify, and Instacart rely on Stripe to process their payments. 

With LaneAxis, Shipment Owners can connect with Carriers that match their needs & build their own preferred carrier network.

  • Simple process to submit RFQ’s and Spot Rate requests.
  • Quickly book and assign Carriers to all of your shipments; prospect new carriers.
  • GPS-enabled mobile app track and trace.
  • View BOL & POD’s as soon as they are uploaded by the Carrier.

We’ve partnered with NOOA and AAOO, which are Independent Trucking Organizations where Carriers can choose to sign up with us. We receive numerous Carrier referrals, and we also utilize social media to attract and onboard many Carriers.

We strive to ensure that our app is user-friendly and easy to use. However, like any other app, some learning may be necessary to start using it initially. To guide users, we have a collection of how-to videos and step-by-step walkthroughs available. Additionally, our account managers are always ready to provide assistance and answer any questions users may have.

They can send an email to support@laneaxis.com or customer service@laneaxis.com and usually within 24hrs we get back to them to troubleshoot or resolve the issue Monday to Friday 5am to 5pm PST

It can vary depending on the Shipment Owner and their needs. RFQ’s could be requested every 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

It is advisable for Shipment Owners to establish a preferred network of carriers they can rely on in situations where a truck does not show up or needs to cancel for any reason. Our app’s GPS tracking feature offers Shipment Owners precise locations and real-time updates selected by the carrier in case any issues arise during transit. Both Carriers and Shipment Owners should always remain accessible through the app to facilitate seamless communication with each other

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Risk Assessment

“Risk Assessment” is a process shippers use to make decisions for carriers in their network. Similar to credit score which you need to verify for accuracy, Risk Assessment is equally important to verify because it directly affects your freight access. Verify your score and be visible in the network.

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