Shipper Benefits

Regain Control & Reduce Transportation Costs

Managing a wide network of independent truckers has always been time and cost-prohibitive – until now.

The LaneAxis Network arms you with all the tools you need to directly connect with qualified, available Carriers and virtually automates the shipment management process from A-Z

How it Works
Exception Mitigation & Management
LaneAxis leverages load-level, core data to predict and prevent problems before they happen. This includes real-time tracking up to four hours before pickup, accurate ETAs based on multiple data points, and expected loading and unloading times at docks. Detention disputes will be greatly reduced.

When exceptions do happen – such as a truck breakdown – a Shipper can immediately query the network for the closest available truck. The LaneAxis Direct Network and Mobile App provide a one-two punch that puts power and control in the hands of Shippers.

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LaneAxis is building the first “brokerless” Shipper-to-Carrier direct freight network – eliminating the need for costly and inefficient intermediaries as well as providing automated real-time shipment management from prior-to-pickup through proof-of-delivery & settlement.