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Companies are reassessing their supply chain processes - and with good reason. Pandemics, gross inefficiencies, and a near total lack of transparency has many shippers flying blind. There's a better way: the LaneAxis Direct Freight Network.

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Your Own Trucking Fleet

Build a Private Network for Capacity Constraints

Who’s really hauling your freight?

Daily capacity constraints are often listed as shippers' number one concern. 97% of the trucking industry is small and independent - which means 97% of your loads are likely being hauled by independent carriers via subcontracted freight - also known as "purchased transportation" - or by the illegal practice of double-brokering.

Either way you're likely paying a premium by committing to long-term contracts with major carriers or intermediaries who are handing your loads off to independent carriers. Why not deal directly, transparently and more cost-effectively with the truckers who are likely already hauling your freight?

Who’s really hauling your freight?

Don’t Get Left Behind

Accurate and Secure Data

Manage Your On-Demand Fleet, Operational Tasks and Load-Level Data from a single, simple-to-use dashboard and mobile app.

Beyond the power of direct connectivity, the LaneAxis platform provides real-time tracking from prior-to-pickup through proof-of-delivery, geofence entry and exit notifications, and over 35 load-level data points.

Trucking still relies largely on manual data inputs such as EDI - decades old technology. This data simply can't be trusted. LaneAxis delivers rock-solid, immutable data that can't be manipulated or forged. This provides a wealth of reliable business intelligence that lets you operate proactively instead of reactively.

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Manage Your On-Demand Fleet, Operational Tasks and Load-Level Data from a single, simple-to-use dashboard and mobile app.

The Future of Freight

Why LaneAxis?

LaneAxis is built on a foundation of automation, artificial intelligence, and agile framework. These all work in concert to simplify and streamline outdated transportation practices.

Network Visibility

Intelligent networking on carrier connections

Customized route planning

Plan your route on any shipment with multiple pickups and dropoffs

Automation to remove manual processes

No need for a dispatcher

Time and cost-savings

Competitive rates on shipments by going direct

Forecast Your Moves

Where Are You Shipping Next?

By building direct contracts with carriers, you gain the ability to forecast future spikes in demand or broadcast spot freight to the direct network you build.

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