Safety reports and Intelligent data on Shipments

Companies are reassessing their supply chain processes - and with good reason. Pandemics, gross inefficiencies, and a near total lack of transparency has many shippers flying blind.

There's a better way: the LaneAxis Direct Freight Network.

Access to Sea of Carriers

Prospect Qualified Carriers

Today, Shippers and Freight Owners have limited access to carriers and typically only have exposure to their network of carriers.

Also, communicating and contracting directly with thousands of carriers has been labor and cost-prohibitive.

LaneAxis is changing that. LaneAxis brings carriers and freight owners in a single network while providing a carrier score and a risk assessment score; giving confidence in who is actually moving your loads, and direct contracts with who is moving your freight.

LaneAxis can be a Safe Vault

Backup or Main System

LaneAxis can operate independently or seamlessly integrate into your existing ERP or TMS. Compare your current processes with the power of a direct network to see how LaneAxis stacks up.

LaneAxis can minimize your risk exposure by reducing overreliance on load boards. Gain direct access to the independent carriers who are likely already moving your freight.

Get Started

How to Get Started?

How LaneAxis Works?

The LaneAxis system gives you the ability and confidence to deal direct with independent carriers.

LaneAxis empowers you to build your own "private fleet" of independent carriers. The more carriers you connect with the more options you'll have when managing your lanes and loads.

Forecast Your Moves

Plan Your Shipments in Advance

Having access to a sea of qualified carriers means you can plan your shipments far in advance. You have the choice to enter into short-term or long-term contracts. If you'd rather wait, the Carrier network will give you real-time options when you need it.

Risk Assessment

“Risk Assessment” is a process shippers use to make decisions for carriers in their network. Similar to credit score which you need to verify for accuracy, Risk Assessment is equally important to verify because it directly affects your freight access. Verify your score and be visible in the network.

Why Become a Premium Member?