Freight Direct Network

Eliminating Intermediaries

Predictive Data Analytics

LaneAxis is creating the first ever Transportation Data Network by galvanizing the 97% of Professional American Truck Drivers who work for small, independent Carriers. These “road warriors’ have lost out to mega corporations and the 3rd party freight brokers – “middlemen” – who devour major chunks of Carrier and Driver revenue.

Drivers who work for smaller independent Carriers are incentivized to contribute critical Driver data to the LaneAxis network via numerous perks, including major fuel discounts at Pilot Flying J travel centers, the ability to reserve parking & showers, free trucker-specific navigation, and much more. Driver participation provides network visibility – creating a steady stream of opportunities to obtain freight directly from Shippers.

LaneAxis is using cutting edge predictive data analytics and patented technology to build a better way forward – creating a true transportation marketplace that will benefit everyone from Shippers to Drivers to consumers to the environment.


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