Smart Freight Network

Smart Tracking Network

Smart Doc Management

LaneAxis does not view its solution as a “competitor” – we are a creator of a company-agnostic network built to benefit all parties in the supply chain.

While legacy and new age digital “competitors” including Uber Freight seek to connect drivers to available loads via mobile apps, in reality they’re little more than next generation load boards reposting existing loads – essentially copy and paste jobs. None are providing a data-backed transportation network like LaneAxis. 

LaneAxis is creating the first ever “Smart Freight Network” by galvanizing the 97% of Professional American Truck Drivers who work for small, independent Carriers. For decades these “road warriors’ have had to scramble to find freight. By utilizing the Shipper Portal in conjunction with the LaneAxis FreightVISION App – Shippers can query for available drivers based on their location-base and equipment needs and offer unprecedented opportunities for direct freight. Simultaneously, Carriers/Drivers can broadcast their capacity, location and availability.

Every shipment is tracked in real-time from prior-to-pickup through proof-of-delivery through LaneAxis’ patented Smart Tracking Network system FreightVISION. All shipment documents are then digitally archived for data integrity and accuracy across all parties, as well as simplified reporting for regulatory agencies.


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