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Fill ‘Er Up – How A Professional Trucker Network Aims to Eliminate 20 BILLION Empty Truck Miles Per Year

Fill ‘Er Up – How A Professional Trucker Network Aims to Eliminate 20 BILLION Empty Truck Miles Per Year
How A Professional Trucker Network Aims to Eliminate 20 BILLION Empty Truck Miles Per Year

You read that right – every year U.S. trucks drive an estimated 20 BILLION miles hauling zero, zilch, nada – just empty trailers. Only McDonald’s should brag about numbers like that. The transportation industry should be ashamed.

Commonly referred to as “Deadhead Miles,” the costs associated with so many ghost hauls span far and wide, touching virtually every sector of our society:

  • “For-hire” independent drivers – comprising the vast majority of the U.S. trucking workforce – lose thousands of dollars per year because of empty backhauls returning home after dropping off a load.
  • The estimated 1 million trucks driving empty every day are needlessly contributing to our crumbling highways and infrastructure.
  • The Environment: An estimated 67 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are emitted by empty trucks every year. Let’s all breathe that in. Actually, let’s not.
  • Business Costs: Trucking companies (carriers), shippers (manufacturers), and even third-party freight brokers also feel the weight of this waste in the form of higher business costs and massive overhead.
  • Consumers: You guessed it. When an entire industry is mired in outrageously inefficient and costly processes… the buck gets passed down to the consumer in the form of higher prices for just about everything.

The simplest explanation for how we got here is the remarkable lack of technical and practical foresight that has splintered and stalled the massive $800 billion U.S. freight transportation sector for decades.

Now technology is trying to catch up. Uber is jumping into the freight game. Scores of startups are peddling niche freight-matching solutions to fill empty trailers.

But only one company – LaneAxis – is taking a big-picture approach to solving this 20-billion mile problem. It’s called the “On-Demand Freight Network” – powered by the Professional Trucker App.

Just about every other company out there – new and old – continues to operate on the premise that broker-based load boards are the way to connect companies looking to move freight with drivers/carriers waiting and willing to haul it. Load boards serve a purpose: Shippers or brokers post an available load with a pickup and destination point, a driver calls or electronically submits their interest, the two agree on a price, and voila – the transaction is done.

This does not solve the 20-billion mile problem.

LaneAxis is taking a more holistic approach to this cargo crisis.

The patented LaneAxis platform aims to coalesce the nation’s 4 million truck drivers into a single “Professional Trucker Network,” linked together via a mobile app that serves as a digital home base for drivers. The Pro Trucker App allows drivers to enter their professional and vehicle details along with current and future location(s) into the LaneAxis data network. Shippers and other supply chain parties can then query the network via a web-based portal, set specific parameters and requirements for their shipment(s), then send out “revenue alerts” to all drivers who meet those thresholds. In practice, this gives shippers immediate “on-demand” access to qualified drivers, while giving drivers the opportunity to plan their hauls days and even weeks in advance. This will dramatically reduce the number of deadhead miles.

The LaneAxis Platform

“We’re not focused on a single movement, we’re focused on the movement of the entire network,” says Rick Burnett, LaneAxis CEO & Founder. “We’re not a competitor to a load board because we are a network – really creators of a network that doesn’t exist. We’re about building visibility and reducing costs for an entire industry. You can do everything through our system.”

Burnett says LaneAxis is a true “all-in-one” freight management platform that simply doesn’t exist today.

“Beyond the direct network connectivity we provide, the system also manages all critical aspects of freight movements, including shipper-carrier contracts, insurance documentation, real-time freight tracking with configurable geofences, and all crucial paperwork including proof-of-pickup and proof-of-delivery – all digitally uploaded and archived. We enable organizations to view, analyze, predict and communicate the status of any shipment in real-time.”

The Pro Trucker App offers drivers numerous value adds including free truck-specific navigation, real-time fuel pricing and discounts, and instant access to “AAOO Mobile” – the mobile platform for the American Association of Owner Operators, one of LaneAxis’ principal partners.

In sum, LaneAxis believes the solution to eliminating those 20 billion empty truck miles is not thousands of scattershot load boards, but a single, unified, transportation network that will benefit shippers, drivers, and consumers equally.

Visit https://www.laneaxis.com to learn more.

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“Baseless” Claims Against LaneAxis CEO Rick Burnett Dismissed as Part of Lawsuit Settlement

Former partner companies split after firing of Budbo executives

Huntington Beach, CA, September 18, 2019 – LaneAxis, Inc. and CEO Rick Burnett have reached a settlement agreement with the former corporate officers of Budbo, Inc., bringing to an end a lawsuit filed by the plaintiffs in late 2018. Of greatest importance to LaneAxis and Mr. Burnett, he has been released from any and all claims that he improperly transferred corporate funds to himself. Several weeks prior to the scurrilous allegations set forth in the lawsuit, Mr. Burnett, who at the time also served as Budbo CEO, fired the plaintiffs from their positions as Budbo corporate officers.

Budbo, a mobile app focused on the cannabis sector, and LaneAxis, a data analytics and real-time tracking tool for the freight transportation industry, formed a corporate partnership in April, 2017 at which time Burnett assumed the title of Budbo CEO. In early 2018, Budbo held a successful Initial Token Offering (ITO) as part of its strategy to create a blockchain solution for cannabis companies. That strategy included plans to integrate LaneAxis’ proprietary tracking technology into its platform.

Shortly after returning from an overseas trip to promote the token offering in late spring, 2018, Burnett and the Budbo team had differences of opinion regarding numerous issues, including corporate strategy. In June of 2018, Mr. Burnett’s Budbo email account was shut down without warning, effectively eliminating his ability to properly lead the company. The email account was never restored.

The lawsuit filed in November 2018 by the Budbo officers claimed Mr. Burnett had improperly transferred funds from Budbo accounts to himself – accounts of which Mr. Burnett never had access to.  In May, 2019, LaneAxis proceeded to file a detailed motion to dismiss the lawsuit. Weeks later, the plaintiffs and their legal counsel moved, in earnest, to settle the case – which provided that Mr. Burnett was not obliged to pay a single penny of the money that was allegedly transferred improperly.

“It’s certainly unfortunate that the relationship between LaneAxis and Budbo ended the way it did,” said Burnett. “But as I maintained from the beginning, the suggestion that I did absolutely anything inappropriate with company funds was completely baseless from the start, particularly as I never had access to distribute any of the wallet funds.”

The lawsuit settlement rescinds the initial shareholder agreement, allowing the Plaintiffs to return to their original company. The settlement also establishes a governing body, known as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), to oversee management of tokens sold during the Budbo ITO.

LaneAxis is currently developing the first-of-its kind Professional Driver App and Transportation Data Network focused on connecting shippers directly to drivers. Visit www.LaneAxis.com to learn more.

For more information contact: media@laneaxis.com