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Virtual Freight Management

The LaneAxis Patent

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Shipper Creates a Request

Once Shippers and Carriers connect via FreightLINK, there are multiple ways to assign loads. The first step is entering all shipment details such as date, pickup/delivery locations, and variable data such as equipment details and quantities.


Views Eligible Drivers

Based on the specifications of the query, our network shows you a list of Commercial Drivers available to make the delivery. LaneAxis’ Data Hub then broadcasts a “revenue alert” to the driver network.


Driver Reviews & Accepts

Shippers can select a specific Driver or negotiate rates with several. Once both sides agree to a price, the Carrier accepts the rate confirmation and is ready to roll. At that point FreightVISION takes over, providing real-time tracking and documentation over the entire freight movement, from prior-to-pickup through proof-of-delivery.

Sit Back and Watch

Once the load manifest has been pushed to the driver’s mobile phone via the FreightVISION app, automated real-time tracking of the shipment begins. Constant “check calls” to Drivers will soon be a thing of the past.

  • Real-time load visibility via GPS prior-to-pickup through delivery
  • Verifiable core data (fewer detention disputes/faster pay)
  • Real-time geofence verified pickup, milestone, and delivery time stamps
  • Track and report KPIs in real-time down to the carrier/load level
  • Flexible and scalable SaaS Platform - easy integration into TMS and legacy systems

The LaneAxis Patent

LaneAxis essentially “owns the process” of a Shipper to Carrier direct model. U.S. Patent 9,928,475. (Officially titled “Shipper and Carrier Interaction Optimization Platform”) was approved in March of 2018. This process helps ensure total trust between parties – and gives LaneAxis a tremendous competitive edge over its competition to build a true direct network.


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