Transportation & Trucking Vets Heap Praise on LaneAxis

As LaneAxis continues to grow in size and stature, we’re hearing more and more from trucking industry veterans expressing their unbridled enthusiasm for this long overdue brokerless direct network. 

These are the folks most negatively impacted by the current broken system – and conversely the ones who will benefit most from the impending LaneAxis overhaul of the supply chain. 

Today we thought we’d share just a handful of comments we’ve received recently from industry insiders about the LaneAxis solution:

“I’m an independent inventor with issued utility patents from the USPTO. My dad was a newspaperman turned trucker celebrity who authored numerous books about trucking. My husband and I have hauled primarily for shippers in the past [including] Nestle and PepsiCo. Currently we are leaving a hazmat job searching for work, and I have to be honest and say LaneAxis sounds like a dream come true. Connecting shippers directly to carriers is what is desperately needed in the trucking industry. The LaneAxis business model is a great way to eliminate the unnecessary middleman between shippers and carriers. The large trucking companies like JB Hunt, Knight/Swift and Schneider are destroying the industry with their greed.”

-April Cantley 


“Up to 48,636 shares purchased, probably going for more. I own a small trucking company and I’ve never wanted to see someone succeed more than LaneAxis.”

-Matthew Parker  


“I’m about to make my 3rd investment into this future behemoth. In every way, shape and form these guys are the real deal! Several years from now, (after LaneAxis is a global conglomerate through which every shipper and carrier must conform to/cooperate with, to transport anything anywhere) will you not be filled with regret? People, the future of logistics is here, it’s called LaneAxis. This is not the boat you want to miss!”

-Shane Oliver


“I used to work as a General Commodities dispatcher (Third party Logistics Provider). I immediately love the concept and genuinely see this as the natural progression of the industry. I once had a truck driver deadhead from Miami to Pensacola, just to get a load out of Florida…. I’ll let you do the math.”

-Jimmy Mansfield


“This is my initial experience with the platform. As a veteran in the transportation industry, I am super excited to watch LaneAxis succeed with this endeavor. The concept offers a realistic opportunity to remedy operations pain points.”

-Andrea Kirkland

To all our supporters – both within and outside the supply chain industry – we thank you deeply for your passion and perspective as we carry on this movement together.