Truckers Shred Freight Brokers in Public Comments to Feds

Truckers Shred Freight Brokers in Public Comments to Feds
“If everything in the U.S. has transparency, then why [is] only trucking left behind?”

The ongoing Broker Battle fueled by furious Drivers and Carriers is reaching a fever pitch in the nation’s capital. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is in the midst of receiving and reviewing comments related to separate petitions demanding broker transparency and reform. 

Truckers are not holding back in their comments – and piercing criticisms – of the brokerage industry. CDL Life compiled some of the most damning comments plucked from the roughly 1,000 submitted so far:

Sandra Grover:

“Broker transparency is becoming a SEVERE issue with disruptions in the food supply caused by this pandemic. The price gouging is ongoing. Postings yesterday was for 84 cents [per mile]. this is resulting in so much carryover of spoilage to lines down waiting on ingredients. Really hot… someone can explore contractual lack of transparency that is totally destroying our financial backbone. There is no culpability and accountability.”

Sunny Grewal:

“If everything in US has transparency then why only trucking left behind. We get cheated everyday by brokers. Every service [has fees], you pay the fees or commission and [you] get your stuff done. Brokers charge rates to customer to move their load. But they don’t give us that money.”

Ernest Brown:

“The example I have actually happened to me. The shipper was paying $.85 per bushel on a load of salvage corn . I called a broker who had listed the same load, but was offering $.50 per bushel. The broker was going to take 40%… off the top. If I had not seen the shippers rate I would have not known how much the broker was taking . In my world if the broker is taking more than 10% of the gross it is too much in most circumstances.”

Carl Mueller:

“They charge through the roof for freight and want us to haul it off for cheap and “break even”. As an owner operator, how when you have to pay for trucks, insurance, permits, fuel, repairs, and even hotels & and all sorts of other crap/equipment. You can’t make it hauling with these rates they give us, and they take a big ass cut out of the rate too. They should be a fixed low rate at most or no brokers at all. They aren’t the ones risking their lives on the road everyday to provide for their families miles from home. they sit behind a computer screen and a phone. As a driver I think truckers deserve more compensation for what they and cut out the middle man. That’s all I got to say.”

Hear, hear Carl.

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