LaneAxis is trailblazing a new path forward for the fractured $12 trillion global supply chain, with an immediate focus on the $1 trillion U.S. freight industry. Backed by patented tech - we believe LaneAxis has created the first neutral freight network - potentially eliminating $200 billion in "managed fees," 28 billion empty truck miles per year, and streamlining an industry that lacks transparency, trust, and efficiency.

About Us


LaneAxis is a pioneering technology solution that revolutionizes the logistics industry. Unlike traditional players in the field such as shippers, brokers, 3PLs, or trucking companies, LaneAxis operates on an entirely different paradigm. We are not competitors; rather, we are collaborators, leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and optimize efficiencies. Through our platform & Services, LaneAxis contracts, negotiates, and facilitates seamless communication directly with a vast network of carriers, shipment owners and Drivers. This approach not only reduces costs and increases profits for all involved but also provides invaluable real-time data and digital breadcrumb trails, empowering businesses with unprecedented insight and control over their supply chain operations.

Join us on the forefront of innovation as we redefine the future of logistics.


$92.84 Billion Digital Freight Market

The digital freight industry is growing tremendously and is expected to grow 21.77% CAGR till 2029. Even with the industry growing at such a fast pace, the lack of trust is more present than ever in the industry.

Just about every industry has been transformed or improved by digital technologies. The supply chain industry is very complex and deals with a lot of moving parts, making it very difficult to accept new change.
LaneAxis is here to introduce that change with its digital neutral network, complete shipment booking/payment platform, real-time data metrics and risk assessment performance scoring.

Why Invest in LaneAxis?

Trucking is bogged down by archaic processes, stale technology, and most critically - a lack of data-backed pricing transparency on virtually every load moved.

Companies often struggle to find capacity when and where they need it, despite the fact that U.S. trucks drive an astonishing 20-30 BILLION empty miles every year. This is a colossal waste of capacity and resources.

LaneAxis’ network empowers proactive relationships and planning reducing empty miles, wasted time and money.

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What sets LaneAxis Apart

LaneAxis stands out as the sole transactional model within the supply chain realm. Unlike its counterparts, which typically levy hefty fees ranging from 30 to 50% and merely act as intermediaries for load transactions, LaneAxis operates differently. Its platform welcomes all stakeholders in the supply chain industry, facilitating the establishment of private networks, significant cost reductions, and numerous other benefits.

Presently, smaller owner-operators often find themselves in a disadvantaged position, susceptible to exploitation. The creation of a network empowering these operators to cultivate impressive performance records, forge connections with prominent shipment owners, and integrate into expansive shipper networks represents a pioneering initiative.

Moreover, addressing critical issues such as reducing detrimental emissions, minimizing dead-head miles, and mitigating detention times is imperative within the supply chain domain. LaneAxis is at the forefront of tackling these challenges, continually enhancing efficiency in each of these areas.

Join the Movement

One-third of all miles driven by trucks are currently without freight. With the LaneAxis network, customers can schedule backhauls in advance and grow a large enough network to eliminate most deadhead miles that are driven. Empty miles not only curbs wasteful emissions but also trims unnecessary costs for shipment owners.

Risk Assessment

“Risk Assessment” is a process shippers use to make decisions for carriers in their network. Similar to credit score which you need to verify for accuracy, Risk Assessment is equally important to verify because it directly affects your freight access. Verify your score and be visible in the network.

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