TMS software increases efficiency while reducing time and money spent on problem areas.
With LaneAxis on board, your TMS will provide your shipping customers freight rate savings, carrier confidence, and real-time transparency from A-Z.

Freight Rates & TMS Opportunities

How TMSs Work in the Industry Today

In today’s supply chain, the most significant cost factor for shippers is per load freight rates. This fact is evident from the sheer volume of daily load postings on load boards.

Let’s highlight some indisputable facts:

1. A whopping 98% of major shippers utilize a Transportation Management System (TMS) to move an estimated 5 million+ daily loads.

2. These TMS systems either directly collect rate data from load boards or depend on their network of brokers to provide rates for daily loads.

3. Cost and complexity make it unlikely that shippers will change TMS providers - unless a competitor offers superior services focused on cutting costs and improving transparency.

How TMSs Work in the Industry Today
Integration Contract with Patented Software License Fee Access

Seamlessly Strengthen Your
TMS with LaneAxis

Integration Contract with Patented Software License Fee Access

LaneAxis does not require any tricky, time-consuming, or costly tech overhauls. A simple API integration is all you need.

By seamlessly integrating into the LaneAxis Network, you can view real-time carrier rates and access data-based risk assessment scores on 800,000+ carriers. This empowers both shippers and Transportation Management Systems to make immediate and smart rate decisions by tapping into a virtually limitless sea of quality carriers. Faulty rate forecasting often prompts carriers to overbid, leading to "deadhead" moves 28% of the time - equivalent to 25+ BILLION empty miles per year. This startling figure can be greatly reduced by carriers offering shippers much more affordable backhaul rates.

LaneAxis integration also presents an exciting shared revenue opportunity and the potential for millions in cost-savings for their network of shippers.

Current TMS Challenges

Limited Carrier Network

The Industry is fragmented and Carrier information is limited based on the players outside the TMS

Multiple Dependencies on 3rd party integrations

TMS have to rely on integrations with 3PLS and Trucking companies to gain visibility into Carrier and Shipment Data

Shipment Visibility

No standard automated process to gain true visibility into a freight movement

Performance and Risk

Limited or No access to Carrier and Driver performance


Build a Private Carrier Network

Enable your Shippers to gain Access and Visibility to 2.1 Million carriers and build their private network pool that has more than 850,000 Carriers operating with equipment types Dry Van, Refrigerated Trailer and Flat beds.

Trust Score

Consolidated Trust Score with insights into each Carrier's Risk Assessment and Performance score on each shipment

Competitive Freight Rates

Shippers can gain access to and negotiate rates directly sent by Carriers. Shippers can lock carriers into a Contract fixed rate contract with duration spanning 1 Month to 12 months.


Real time location tracking on all shipments, with all Shipment documents and information stored onto an immutable ledger. Shippers can plan their shipment route and provide a shipment Tracking link to anyone outside the TMS

Data and Predictions

Intelligent AI provides insights into critical data points such as Rates, Shipment Duration, Shipment Performance, Loading/unloading duration with predictions on cost savings and potential delays on future shipments.

Streamlines Process

Minimal manual intervention with Direct communication, Automated Carrier Contracting, Notification alerts on Shipment progress, and Shipment completion reports

Why LaneAxis is an Essential Addition to Your TMS

  • Much like ELDs, the freight market is already saturated with TMSs, presenting minimal room for growth. TMSs are essentially chasing 2% of the market - given that 98% of shippers already utilize a TMS.
  • LaneAxis is a powerful - and potentially profitable - value add to your TMS. Stay ahead of the competition and keep your customers satisfied.
  • Even if your TMS boasts a network of thousands of carriers, it represents less than 10% of the entire market. A substantial 97% remains independent and handles the majority of freight movements.


Per load rate is the #1 problem in the industry. Your shippers are likely lacking data-backed, real-time pricing transparency.


Integrate your TMS into the LaneAxis Network to gain access to real-time carrier capacity and live truck locations.


Through your TMS and the LaneAxis Network, your shipping customers can post loads for real-time bidding via Carrier load alerts. All carrier details, including data-backed performance scores, are visible to the shipper.


The shipper can then choose the most suitable carrier based on price (including backhaul rates), performance, and other metrics. Once the shipper accepts the bid, the shipper and carrier are now connected in the network. To finalize the connection, the carrier must accept the shipper's contract.


Once the load is tendered, the Shipper can view the entire shipment in real-time from prior-to-pickup through proof-of-delivery.


Upon successful delivery, direct payment is released to driver via Stripe. Your TMS earns a percentage of transaction. The result: Happy shipper, happy carrier, happy TMS.

Risk Assessment

“Risk Assessment” is a process shippers use to make decisions for carriers in their network. Similar to credit score which you need to verify for accuracy, Risk Assessment is equally important to verify because it directly affects your freight access. Verify your score and be visible in the network.

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