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Glossary Terms


Generally a back haul is any return load taken after the delivery has been made. Most Backhauls go empty. They book loads one at a time from load boards.

Bill of Lading

“BOL,” a legally binding document that lays out every aspect of contractual agreement between the shipper and the carrier.

Full Truckload Shipping

Freight or cargo that completely fills up a 48- or 53-foot trailer, commonly contracted to a single shipper.

LTL Freight

“Less Than Truckload,” a freight mode for shipments that don’t require the full space of a trailer. This kind of freight is typically moved by a common carrier.


A list of cargo being carried by a fleet vehicle or vessel.


Wooden platforms designed to support loose cargo during transit, often handled with forklifts.


Industry slang for a temperature-controlled container.

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Risk Assessment

“Risk Assessment” is a process shippers use to make decisions for carriers in their network. Similar to credit score which you need to verify for accuracy, Risk Assessment is equally important to verify because it directly affects your freight access. Verify your score and be visible in the network.

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