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LaneAxis Advisor Program

Who LaneAxis Is

For decades, the U.S. trucking industry has been held back by outdated technology and archaic processes. The entire U.S. supply chain has paid the price. Backed by patented software LaneAxis has built an all-encompassing supply chain network and digital marketplace that empowers shipment owners and manufacturers to connect directly with trucking companies.
LaneAxis is a Logistic Solution that does not compete with any shipper, broker, 3PL, or Trucking Companies. We are a technology solution. Shipment Owners add carriers from the public network and build their private network from the network.

What's In It For Me?

AppDirect and its Advisors will be promoting a powerful tool that delivers perpetual value for customers and perpetual returns for Advisors. Once shipment owners are active in the network it’s unlikely they'll ever leave. Here’s what that means for AppDirect Advisors:

Subscription Commission:

The monthly fee for shipment owners to use the platform is $349 — or $4,188 per year. Advisor will earn 20% of subscription fee — or $837.60 — for every shipment owner they sign up.

Load Commission:

Here’s where Advisors have the potential to pull in massive residual passive income: For every load your recruited shipment owner moves, you will earn 20% of the Load Revenue collected by LaneAxis.

Subscription Commission:

And those figures are based on just a single client!

What do I need to do?

To proceed, please email jason@laneaxis.com and agent@laneaxis.com with the required information listed on the right. We will be in touch shortly.

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Risk Assessment

“Risk Assessment” is a process shippers use to make decisions for carriers in their network. Similar to credit score which you need to verify for accuracy, Risk Assessment is equally important to verify because it directly affects your freight access. Verify your score and be visible in the network.

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