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Most all shippers today use a freight broker to help move their freight and brokers charge up to 30-50% of the shipment cost to find carriers to move the load. LaneAxis takes a 1% transaction fee from the shipper and carrier on all shipments.

Recurring Lanes & Spot Loads

All network carriers have the ability to view and submit quotes/bids for both recurring contracted lanes and spot rate loads, regardless of whether they are within a shipper's network or not. Recurring contracted lanes are established when a shipper has shipments that occur regularly, whether it's on a weekly basis or multiple times within a month, all destined for the same locations. Shippers have the opportunity to engage in negotiations with carriers to determine a mutually agreeable rate. Once the rate is confirmed, both parties accept it for an agreed-upon amount of time, typically for the duration of the lane. It's important to note that recurring lanes are not considered "live loads." However, they can be converted into “live loads” once a shipper has one or more confirmed rates with carriers. This streamlined process benefits shippers by eliminating the need to negotiate rates for each individual shipment, ensuring consistency in their shipping costs.
Spot rates only cover a one-time shipment and nothing more. While offering their spot rate, the carrier considers the volume of shipment, the lane, backhaul chances, and truck to load ratio, among many others. Rates will always be quoted at the current market rate. Shippers will want to post their loads at their earliest convenience to get the most competitive quotes/bids back from carriers in a timely fashion.

Adding Carriers in a Shipment Owner Network

To add carriers to your network, you can search for them by location and equipment type, and send them a connection request. When they accept the connection request, they will be added to your private network.
Once carriers have delivered shipments for you, you can rate & review them to add to their performance score, you can also mark them as preferred carriers.
Carriers can also send shippers connection requests. Having more carriers in your network, the more competitive rates you will receive.

Converting a lane to a ‘Live Load’

Once shippers have secured one or more confirmed rates for the lanes they have posted, these lanes can be transitioned into "live loads." In cases where there are multiple carriers with confirmed rates, the shipper has the flexibility to choose which carriers they want to entrust with the shipment. The shipper can then confirm the carrier's availability based on their schedule for the specified delivery. Upon the carrier's acceptance of the shipment load, the shipper assigns the shipment to the chosen carrier, who in turn assigns it to their designated driver, or handles it themselves if they operate as an owner-operator.

Entire Shipment Flow Once a Load is Booked

Drivers will use the LaneAxis mobile app to transport their loads. Shippers can track the driver's location through our GPS tracking system once they start navigating to the pickup location. At both the pickup and delivery locations, drivers have checklists to complete and they can upload necessary photos and documents. Through the app messaging, carriers and shippers can communicate with each other directly regarding updates, questions, or any issues. After the delivery is marked as completed, payment will be released according to the payment terms the shipper has selected.

How to Handle any Disputes, Etc.

LaneAxis will ensure that the Shipper and/or Consignee are added to the carrier's Certificate of Insurance (COI) as a Certificate Holder. In case of any claims for freight damage or loss, the Shipper or Consignee should immediately contact the insurance company to file a claim.

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Risk Assessment

“Risk Assessment” is a process shippers use to make decisions for carriers in their network. Similar to credit score which you need to verify for accuracy, Risk Assessment is equally important to verify because it directly affects your freight access. Verify your score and be visible in the network.

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