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LaneAxis, Inc. is in the business of making companies and industries more efficient and transparent through the use of patented GPS tracking technology..

Our SaaS solutions currently focus on 3 key industries: trucking and freight logistics, concrete delivery management, and university campus tracking.

Trucking and Freight


Concrete Delivery


University Campus



Core Verification

LaneAxis Inc. specializes in delivering verifiable, real-time core data for organizations that rely on the mobility of goods and services. In the trucking industry, that means real-time location and document tracking, including signed bill-of-lading, proof of pickup, and proof of delivery.

For the Concrete Industry, construction sites depend on the timely delivery of ready-made concrete. If concrete-mixing trucks show up ten minutes too late, the product may be deemed unusable - costing everyone time and money. ConcreteTrax ensures the accurate arrival of concrete trucks via patented real-time tracking. For institutions of higher learning, LaneAxis enables the real-time tracking of IT and Service personnel along with the simplification of IT ticketing and tracking. All documents are stored in a secure, cloud-based digital vault for easy access and downloading.

The ability to access real-time, verifiable core data is a critical missing piece for many organizations. LaneAxis bridges this gap.


Direct Portal

LaneAxis is driving new efficiencies into the trucking and logistics industries by developing a transportation direct portal that connects Shippers and Carriers without the need for third party intermediaries.The ability for Shippers and Carriers to interact directly opens up a host of new efficiencies and possibilities. Shippers can now easily monitor all shipments in real-time, adjust geo-fence sizes, receive alerts when hitting milestones or problems, and get immediate proof of delivery right on your screen.

As shipper-carrier relationships continue to flourish within the LaneAxis ecosystem, a vast network of shippers and carriers will be able to connect, transact, and simplify like never before.

Concrete Trax

ConcreteTrax is a patented, cloud-based software platform built to conquer concrete-management challenges by leveraging the power of blockchain. The timely delivery of concrete to construction sites is crucial to the success and cost-control of projects large and small.

ConcreteTrax is an all-in-one concrete management solution - from digital ticketing, to real-time GPS tracking, to actionable business intelligence - all stored and secured on the blockchain's immutable ledger.

University Campus


University campuses are beehives of activity, and have a critical need to track key support staff, particularly IT departments, and improve processes for ticket generation, follow-up, and reporting.

Chertrax supports the Cherwell platform, which is an IT Service Management system. Chertrax builds on the Cherwell platform by proving real-time location tracking of IT employees, as well as real-time dialogue of support tickets between staffers scattered throughout the campus.

This creates significant new efficiencies for college campuses, saving tremendous amounts of money and time.

About Us

LaneAxis, Inc. was founded by logistics and software experts with deep experience in the SaaS realm. LaneAxis is focused on delivering real-time visibility across industries and across geographies via state-of-the art software design.

Our patented processes are built on blockchain technology, the new standard in software development. LaneAxis will continue to evolve as a SaaS leader and business intelligence solution for organizations large and small.

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