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Real-time Visibility
Independent Carrier Network

LaneAxis is a proprietary software company that builds systems to eliminate outdated and manual processes, propelling companies across industries to new levels of efficiency and profitability.

By leveraging our patented software, blockchain tech and artificial intelligence, LaneAxis has created a true end-to-end supply chain network that eliminates the need for costly intermediaries and archaic processes. LaneAxis is the first and only company directly connecting shippers to the 97% of U.S. trucking companies that are small and independent.

Blockchain Business Solutions

Blockchain is a software solution that records data on a centralized or decentralized network improving the efficiency and security of the information stored (the “Blockchain”). Our blockchain solution is aimed at solving the costly, complex, and time-consuming problems that have so far been beyond the individual companies’ ability to implement.

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LaneAxis network

Trucking companies and Shippers no longer have to rely on costly and cumbersome intermediaries such as freight brokers to move loads. By connecting Shippers directly to Carriers, The LaneAxis Network lowers overhead costs and increases visibility for Shippers, while potentially increasing Carrier revenue by 20% or more per load.

LaneAxis is leveraging the power of smart contracts and smart tech to automate shipment management - all while adding much needed security and stability to the fragile supply chain.

The Network technology stack leverages load-level, core data to predict and prevent problems before they happen. This includes real-time tracking up to four hours before pickup (configurable), accurate ETAs based on multiple data points, expected loading and unloading times at docks, and much more. 35 data points are quantified and scored.  Driver performance data provides shippers with performance and risk assessment metrics. Location-based data provides loading and unloading times. These are key KPIs that affect every shipment and the industry at large. Better data leads to better decisions and lower costs. 

True Transparency

Network visibility, real-time shipment tracking, and all documents stored securely on the blockchain. Virtually eliminate detention disputes.

Direct Freight Negotiations

Shipment rates and contracts are negotiated directly, the way it should be.

Network-Guaranteed Payment

LaneAxis guarantees payment to truckers 24 hours after a successful delivery.


Book Shipper-direct freight, make more money, control your destiny.


Tender shipments easily. Find capacity when and where you need it.

LaneAxis vs. the "Other Guys"

LaneAxis has no true competition — we are the only brokerless shipper-to-carrier direct network powered by blockchain. Direct connectivity and smart contracts enable both sides to make and save more money, automate much of the shipment process, and achieve new levels of security and transparency.
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Mike ampe

Furniture and Household Goods Shipper

Mike Lampe

“I had my team calling constantly every day to do the checks to find out where folks are. Are they on time? With LaneAxis we know where they are. We can look online. Last year we had $10,000 in delay claims and we can cut that to zero having LaneAxis available for us.”


LaneAxis Shareholder

SK, Trucking Company Owner

“As a person involved in the trucking industry, and as a small business owner, I am Looking forward for LaneAxis to exploding in the coming years! The business model is phenomenal! Thank you.”

David Huff

American Association of Owner Operators

David Huff, CEO

“A Brokerless Direct Network is long overdue. Our drivers want it. Our drivers need it. We’re proud to partner with LaneAxis because they’ve built it – and together with the trucking and shipping communities we are going to see it grow, and grow fast.”

Jay Brock

Independent Long Haul Trucker

Jay Brock

“With the network that LaneAxis has set up I think it can make a tremendous difference, especially for your independent, small carriers. It's better than sitting there fighting over a load board. It's groundbreaking what you guys are doing.”

Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine

“Another blockchain-based company with a solid business model: LaneAxis. Not only will LaneAxis improve efficiencies, but it will provide all participants with access to its platform, including insurance companies, shippers, drivers, and remaining brokers.”

San Diego Business Journal

San Diego Business Journal

San Diego Business Journal

“Even big-name trucking companies subcontract work to smaller carriers, who can use LaneAxis by leveraging a driver’s smartphone.”

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Control Center allow you to build and automate your own Shipper-to-Carrier direct freight network.


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Control Center allow you to build and automate your own Shipper-to-Carrier direct freight network.

News & Blog

Control Center allow you to build and automate your own Shipper-to-Carrier direct freight network.

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