The Industry’s first Professional Driver Score, by LaneAxis

Building a Data-backed, risk-assessment and transparency tool to transform the global logistics industry

The LaneAxis Network Hub

The Problem: Little Trust, No Visibility, 3rd Party Monopolies
The Solution: Driver Data, FICO-Style Scoring, Driver-Direct Connectivity

The LaneAxis Professional Driver Score (PDS) – paired with our blockchain technology – will remove these costly and unnecessary intermediaries, allowing Shippers and Manufacturers to connect directly with top performing Drivers. LaneAxis will capture this data by integrating with Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), which measure driver performance behaviors, as well as independent owner-operator driver organizations, to capture rich data that will compile the Professional Driver Scores. Drivers will benefit with increased access to loads, cash-back rewards, and other numerous perks and benefits.

The LaneAxis Professional Driver Score “PDS” is a propriety scoring system which has a weight factored algorithm that calculates and scores the drivers performance every day to assess risk on the network of driver. Similar to a FICO score that assess consumer risk, the LaneAxis PDS will assess & provide driver risk as the PDS becomes a industry standard

Remember what Netflix did to Blockbuster? That is what LaneAxis is doing to the Global Supply Chain

For decades, third party freight brokers have monopolised the global supply chain, charging upto a 50% fee for their service. The days of third party intermediaries are over. The supplier-to-consumer “direct model” has swept the globe in virtually every industry. By creating a transparent network that is accessible to both Drivers and Shippers, we allow both sides to take a conscious decision driven by their credibility.

Real-time tracking and the Blockchain in a patented system

The LaneAxis platform enables shippers and manufacturers to keep track of transported goods in real-time via GPS-enabled devices. All critical milestones and documents in the transportation lifecycle – from proof-of-pickup through proof-of-delivery – are stored in the blockchain’s immutable ledger. These smart contracts automate most key processes that would in reality be lengthy physical and tedious.

  • Time-stamped, real-time in-transit visibility
  • ETA Prior to Load Pick up
  • Proof of Pickup/Delivery
  • Immediate Disbursement of Funds to all Parties
  • Geofence Approval
  • DOT Number/Diver CDL verified
  • U.S. Patent Number: 9,928,475

We are on a mission to increase efficiency in logistics by helping drivers cut down on their Empty Miles and Detention Times

A Decentralized Transportation Network With a Centralized Focus on Data

A groundbreaking business tool that will produce unprecedented efficiencies and revenue opportunities by capturing real-time driver performance and location data metrics

The Professional Driver Score

Connecting Manufacturers directly to Drivers – and breaking the freight broker monopoly

The LaneAxis Platform & Blockchain

LaneAxis is a pioneer in freight management, and the blockchain takes the platform to the ultimate level of security and automation

The LaneAxis Network Data Hub

The Heart of the System and a groundbreaking business tool for Shippers and Manufacturers

Direct Access, no middlemen

One of our main goals is to ensure complete transparency between both parties to ensure the decision is driven by individual capabilities and ulterior motives

What drives us, at LaneAxis

Decades of combined experience in transportation, logistics, software development and crypto-economics

Driven by Patented Technology

LaneAxis has patented the Shipper-to-Carrier direct process that ultimate keeps transparency at the forefront for both parties

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