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October 28, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

Clogged Ports Highlight Need for Direct Carrier Network


Images of clogged ports and predictions of no toys under the Christmas tree are putting the spotlight on the massive inefficiencies baked into the supply chain. Even 24/7 operations at the ports won’t solve the problem quickly. What’s needed is a Direct Carrier Network that offers real-time visibility. Read more in our latest blog:

October 15, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

Press Release: LaneAxis Files Patent for “Federal Transportation Network”

LaneAxis has filed a provisional patent for a “Federal Transportation Network” platform. LaneAxis is applying its proprietary technology to help Homeland Security and other federal agencies better manage supply chain emergencies such as pandemics and clogged-up ports.

September 30, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

“Car Chip Crisis” Highlights Supply Chain Challenges for Auto Industry

The auto industry supply chain is one of the most complex and challenging in the entire manufacturing sector. The recent “car chip crisis” that crippled auto plants around the world is an expensive reminder of this. Learn how LaneAxis can help clear the roadblocks.

August 18, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis Closes Out $5 Million Crowdfund Raise in Near-Record Time. 

LaneAxis has done it again. For the second straight year, the patented SaaS platform powered by blockchain closed out its Regulation Crowdfund (Reg CF) campaign ahead of schedule, triggering an immediate overflow of dozens of prospective investors added to the waitlist.

August 13, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis Surpasses $4.7 Million in Equity Crowdfund; Rick Burnett Lively Q&A with Supporters

LaneAxis continues its march to closing out its StartEngine crowdfund campaign. Today the investment tally crossed the $4.7 million mark. Investors have contributed more than $200,000 over the past seven days alone. If you missed Thursday’s live Webinar & System Demo – you missed a good one. Here are the highlights of LaneAxis CEO Rick Burnett’s Q&A Session following the demo.

August 12, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

AI and the Role it Plays with the LaneAxis Blockchain and AXIS Token

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is capable of understanding the complex nature and workflow of a machine and automating the entire process without any scope of error. LaneAxis, a disruptive brokerless freight management platform, uses AI and blockchain technology to improve the lives of shippers and truckers. Learn more in this analysis featured on CointMarketCap – the world’s foremost authority on cryptocurrency pricing and trends.

August 1, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

Old School Trucking Vets Embrace New School LaneAxis Tech

LaneAxis CEO & Founder Rick Burnett is a mighty popular figure in trucking circles these days. Today we’re showcasing his recent discussion with a pair of veteran truckers who have spent much of their careers working for Landstar – a nearly $4 billion trucking and logistics behemoth. They’re absolutely on board with the LaneAxis mission.

July 30, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

A Shipper Turns to LaneAxis to Conquer the Chaos

We often focuse – rightfully so – on the plight of small carriers and owner-operators. Shippers of all sizes are also sick of the inefficiencies bogging down the system. In this :49 second video, a furniture and household goods (HHG) shipper describes how LaneAxis is saving him dollars and headaches.

July 26, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

Transportation & Trucking Vets Heap Praise on LaneAxis

As LaneAxis continues to grow in size and stature, we’re hearing more and more from trucking industry veterans expressing their unbridled enthusiasm for this long overdue brokerless direct network.

July 23, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

New LaneAxis Video: “You Got One Booked”

We say it often – but it’s best heard from truckers themselves. Driving empty miles and waiting for hours at shipping docks are two of the biggest problems facing small carriers and owner/operators. LaneAxis is changing that. Watch this :38 second video to hear this trucker’s perspective.

July 15, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

New LaneAxis Video: Let’s Be Direct

LaneAxis is nothing if not direct. We endeavor to be direct with our shareholders, partners, customers, and potential investors. And of course “Being Direct” is the mantra behind our Brokerless Direct Freight Network. Enjoy this new promotional video highlighting the Direct Disruption LaneAxis is achieving in freight transportation.

July 6, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

Trucking Companies Escape Amazon Jungle

Amazon is many things to many people. It is convenient. It is powerful. And few would question it is ruthless in its mission to dominate the consumer goods market. Citing abusive and harmful practices, two trucking companies essentially “fired” Amazon – in essence shutting their own companies down.

June 28, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

Nasdaq Names LaneAxis Top 7 Startup 

Another big honor for LaneAxis – Nasdaq has named the LaneAxis Direct Freight Network one of the Best 7 Startups on StartEngine! From the article: “There is an interesting focus on two major large markets, the $12 trillion global supply chain and the $1 trillion U.S. freight industry. The vision set by the company is bold.”

June 23, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

Power of the Patent: LaneAxis vs. eBay’s Hitchhiking Drone

The next time you’re on a bus and hear what sounds like a small helicopter landing on the roof, don’t panic. It may just be eBay’s hitchhiking drone – at least if their patent is approved. LaneAxis already had its patent approved in 2018 – and it gives us a tremendous operational and competitive edge.

June 22, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

AXIS Utility Token Taking Center Stage on Top 25 Crypto Exchange ProBit

AXIS ALERT: The AXIS Utility Token will debut on top 25 central cryptoasset exchange ProBit on June 30! ProBit boasts daily trading volumes regularly surpassing $250 million, with weekly traffic to the site approaching 500,000 visitors.

June 18, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

Award Season: LaneAxis Named Impact Company of the Year

LaneAxis has been named DotCom Magazine’s “2021 Impact Company of the Year.” DotCom Magazine “Covers real entrepreneur stories from visionaries that are making a difference. DotCom Magazine has honored LaneAxis as making a positive difference in an incredibly unique year.”

June 17, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis CEO Rick Burnett Talks Trucking’s Future in Entrepreneur-Focused Podcast

LaneAxis CEO Rick Burnett was all smiles discussing the LaneAxis solution with serial entrepreneur and DotCom Magazine Founder Andy Jacob. Stated Andy: “For the entrepreneurs watching the show, rewind what Rick just said. You might not understand a lot of it, but you understand his passion. You understand the fact that he knows this business inside and out as a leader. And that’s really, really powerful.”

June 16, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

Customer Disservice: FedEx Axes 1,400 LTL Shipping Customers Due to “Lack of Truck Capacity”

Through the years, FedEx has had many catchy slogans, including this one:  “The Way the World Works.” That is certainly true of the 1,400 shipping customers FedEx cut service to last week – with 24 hours notice. FedEx NEEDS LaneAxis

June 9, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

“Clearing the Air”: How LaneAxis can Help Freight Transportation Reduce its Carbon Footprint 

Trucking is changing at a rapid pace. So is the environment. Unfortunately, trucking’s relationship with the environment is, well, complicated — to put it mildly. A Direct Network guided by AI could be a central feature in the renewed push to “clean up trucking.”

June 3, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

“Respect the Truck” Campaign 

For many “Asphalt Cowboys,” Trucks are an extension of the Trucker. Independent Drivers and Owner/Operators have been maligned and mistreated for far too long. With the help of a longtime NFL coach, LaneAxis wants to change that with our new campaign “RESPECT THE TRUCK.”

May 24, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis vs. “The Competition”: an Assessment

The LaneAxis team is often asked how we compare to this product or that platform or how we match up against giants like Uber Freight. The answer is generally the same: we don’t compare. That’s because we don’t have any true, direct competition out there.

May 20, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

Double Trouble: Driver Shortage and Pipeline Hack Roil Oil & Gas Sector

LaneAxis Shareholder and Oil/Gas Industry vet explains how a direct network can help mitigate unforeseen mayhem.

May 6, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

How LaneAxis Helps Shippers Avoid Costly Long-Term Carrier Contracts

“Shippers lose by generally overpaying to secure that long-term capacity, while unknowingly losing real-time visibility over their freight. The small, independent Carriers who actually move the loads lose by having behemoth intermediaries shave anywhere from 20-50% off the total amount they should rightfully be earning.”

April 29, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

Press Release: LaneAxis Raises $2 Million in Just 6 Weeks

“Campaign quickly becoming a ‘movement’ backed by thousands of investors and thousands of truckers.”

April 6, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

Startup and Investment Analyst takes Deep Dive into LaneAxis

“LaneAxis has been at the top of the ‘Most Momentum’ page for StartEngine for weeks now, and for good reason. They are getting into the game at a PHENOMENAL time for the industry.”

March 31, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis Raises $1 Million in 16 Days

“The groundswell of support we’ve received adds fuel to our fire, and also accelerates the implementation and adoption of this long overdue direct network.” – Rick Burnett, LaneAxis Founder & CEO.

March 24, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis Expanding Scope & Depth of AXIS Token Use Cases

“Qualifying as a utility token, the AXIS Token and LaneAxis platform offer a solution to the dominance of middlemen in trade finance, especially in the freight trucking industry.” -Harsh Yadav, LaneAxis CTO

March 18, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis Races to $250K in First 48 Hours of Equity Crowdfund Campaign

“We’re proud to be one of the fastest StartEngine projects to reach $250,000. It conirms that people really are ‘getting it’.” -Rick Burnett, LaneAxis Founder & CEO

March 15, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis Launches $5 Million Crowdfund Campaign to Accelerate Direct Freight Network

“The blockchain will eliminate the need for costly and inefficient intermediaries. The bottom line is the business model for freight brokers is chaos. The business model for LaneAxis is efficiency.” -Rick Burnett, LaneAxis Founder & CEO

March 9, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis Finds Perfect Fit in Pixelplex to Further Develop Blockchain Solution

“This partnership with Pixelplex will allow LaneAxis to further develop the existing tech stack by adding an economic incentive layer, resulting in an elegant solution that captures real value for all stakeholders.” -Rick Burnett, LaneAxis Founder & CEO

March 3, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis Partners with Kairon Labs & LedgerLink to Transform Transportation via

AXIS Token & Blockchain

“LaneAxis is very different to the previous batch of supply-chain projects. Now is the time to capture this market and we firmly believe LaneAxis will be successful in doing so.” -Nicolas Ardies, LedgerLink Labs Founder

February 2, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis is NOT a Load Board – We’re Much More

“We are often asked: ‘Where do I find your load board?’ Our answer: We are not a load board. We are a Load Network. LaneAxis is the first BROKERLESS Direct Network in the industry. We are thinking much bigger than load boards.”

February 1, 2021 • LaneAxis Staff

Reimagining the CPG Industry through a Blockchain-Based Direct Transportation Network

“A Shipper-to-Carrier Direct Network powered by blockchain will help the CPG industry overcome many of the challenges – and shortcomings – exposed by the Covid supply chain crunch. The LaneAxis Direct Freight Network and shipment management platform is rising to meet this need and this moment.”

December 18, 2020 • LaneAxis Staff

Persistence, Patience & Power: The 3 Pillars of a Shipper-Direct Network

“Dismantling four decades of broker dominance is a marathon, not a sprint. That said, LaneAxis is laser-focused on transforming the industry quickly and giving power and profits back to hardworking truckers. But we can’t do it alone.”

December 7, 2020 • LaneAxis Staff

Questioning On-Demand Freight Marketplaces

This week, we’re pushing back against another eyebrow-raising question: “Can On-Demand Freight Really Work for Trucking?”

November 13, 2020 • LaneAxis Staff

Are Small Carriers Worth Saving?

The mere suggestion that small, truckload carriers may not be “worth saving” is ludicrous. These carriers are the economic backbone of the American economy. Yet some broker-based tech leaders are posing that very question…

October 16, 2020 • LaneAxis Staff

Truckers Shred Freight Brokers in Public Comments to Feds

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is in the midst of receiving and reviewing comments related to separate petitions demanding broker transparency and reform. Truckers are not holding back in their comments – and piercing criticisms – of the brokerage industry…

October 6, 2020 • LaneAxis Staff

Brokers Shift Gears – Again – in Fight Against Transparency

Latest argument employs “fear factor” if independent drivers get their way…

September 15, 2020 • LaneAxis Staff

It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. A Nice Gesture – but not Enough.

LaneAxis proudly salutes all truckers during this National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Now let’s all get to work by taking concrete action to improve their professional and personal lives…

August 13, 2020  • LaneAxis Staff

LaneAxis vs. the “Competition” – an Assessment

Niche tech solutions abound in trucking – and many do a fine job. But simply stated: no one is tackling industry challenges in the holistic and groundbreaking way LaneAxis is…

August 4, 2020 • LaneAxis Staff

4 Years After LaneAxis Study, Freight “Outsourcing” Still Weighing Down Industry

LaneAxis is focused on squashing the status quo. Purchased transportation adds an extra layer of inefficiency, cost, and diminished visibility that must be eliminated…

July 31, 2020 • LaneAxis Staff

Shippers Brace for a Covid Christmas – How Joining a Direct Freight Network NOW Can Prevent Supply Chain Nightmares Later

Apart from a guaranteed economic spike, the best gift Shippers and Carriers might receive this year is the birth of a direct freight network such as the one LaneAxis is building…

July 28 2020 • LaneAxis Staff

Shipper to Carrier Direct: Avoiding Unnecessary Detours

LaneAxis is in the business of connecting Shippers directly to Carriers by creating the first of its kind “brokerless” freight network. It’s a fairly simple and powerful concept – so why hasn’t it been done before?

July 17th 2020 • LaneAxis Staff

A Contract Hit – How Shippers Can Avoid Costly Long-Term Carrier Deals

When Shippers need to move freight on a truck, determining the most cost-effective way to do so is often a guessing game – if not a pure gamble…

April 29, 2020 • LaneAxis Staff

Truckers Revolt Against Brokers and Bad Pay; LaneAxis Shareholder Shares Delivery Nightmare

Small and independent truckers are absolutely fed up – especially with freight brokers. As the COVID-19 crisis has unfolded, freight rates have plummeted, all while drivers literally put their lives on the line to keep their families fed and store shelves stocked.

March 18, 2020 • LaneAxis Staff

The Coronavirus and Empty Shelves – Why a Centralized Freight Network is Needed Now More Than Ever

While health experts scramble to contain the COVID-19 virus, supply chain experts are scrambling to keep products moving and stores stocked.

December 15, 2019 • LaneAxis Staff

Fill ‘Er Up – How A Professional Trucker Network Aims to Eliminate 20 BILLION Empty Truck Miles Per Year

You read that right – every year U.S. trucks drive an estimated 20 BILLION miles hauling zero, zilch, nada – just empty trailers. Only McDonald’s should brag about numbers like that. The transportation industry should be ashamed.