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April 29th 2020 • Overdrive Magazine

Overdrive Magazine LaneAxis: A 'dating app' for truckers to connect with shippers

Though software provider LaneAxis has existed in some form since 2015, with its market offerings so far mostly centered on load tracking for both shippers and carriers, the company…
April 25th 2020 • EIN presswire

LaneAxis Closes Equity Crowdfund with Week to Spare and Massive Momentum

LaneAxis closed out its Online Public Offering (OPO) a week before the campaign’s scheduled end, hitting the finish line 8-days early with an incredible tailwind of momentum…
April 29, 2020 • in LaneAxis Blog • by LaneAxis Staff

Truckers Revolt Against Brokers and Bad Pay; LaneAxis Shareholder Shares Delivery Nightmare

Small and independent truckers are absolutely fed up – especially with freight brokers. As the COVID-19 crisis has unfolded, freight rates have plummeted, all while drivers literally put their lives on the line to keep their families fed and store shelves stocked.
Empty Store Shelves
March 18, 2020 • in LaneAxis Blog • by LaneAxis Staff

The Coronavirus and Empty Shelves – Why a Centralized Freight Network is Needed Now More Than Ever

While health experts scramble to contain the COVID-19 virus, supply chain experts are scrambling to keep products moving and stores stocked. Apocalyptic images showing supermarket shelves stripped bare of essentials like toilet paper and canned food clearly illustrate the challenges they’re facing. Decades-old supply chain inefficiencies are once again being exposed.
December 15, 2019 • in LaneAxis Blog • by LaneAxis Staff

Fill ‘Er Up – How A Professional Trucker Network Aims to Eliminate 20 BILLION Empty Truck Miles Per Year

You read that right – every year U.S. trucks drive an estimated 20 BILLION miles hauling zero, zilch, nada – just empty trailers. Only McDonald’s should brag about numbers like that. The transportation industry should be ashamed.


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